Facts About Red Wine Calories That Will Impress Your Friends

It is amazing but more than 10,000 varieties of grape used to produce wines in the entire world. It has been always difficult to decide which is best red wine in the world is. There are plenty of types and tastes in the world and here we are going to have a close look about the most popular blends and varieties to make you better understand regarding the red wine calories and best red wines available in the market today.

Best type of red wines.

Beaujolais – in the world of wine drinkers this variety being stated as one of the best wines in the world because this wine comes with much lighter body than some of the other popular wines. And those who are starting with the red wines, Beaujolais would be the best, since the lower amount of alcohol with lighter texture and flavor allow newcomers to have a taste before moving on the more stronger and popular brands.

Cabernet Sauvignon – another one of the best red wine in the whole world, this brand gives you a rich texture and flavor too. Some of more popular blends of this brand wines hail from Australia, California, France and Chile. Cabernet Sauvignon ages very well and often the drink of choice among most.

Merlot – One of the best choices for the newcomers because of its easy to drink variety. However, it is also favorite among veterans too because it can be taken with any kind of food. To make high quality Merlot wine it require fine grapes produced by many regions. Like Italy, Romania, Australia, California and Chile.

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Pinot Noir – is quite a medium kind of wine and rarely blend with varieties of grapes. And most of the wine drinkers admire this particular brand too much. One can find this wine in so many regions like France, California, Austria and New Zealand.

Zinfandel – hailing only from California, this wine is one that most of the casual fans believe to only be a white wine. In the present market the red wine version of Zinfandel can be the heaviest and strongest type available. I suggest you that this wine is not for the newcomers may it can be favorites for those who are drinking the red wines from a long time.

Red Wine Calories

The amount of red wine calories is usually measure by the amount per glass. The average quantity per glass is 3.5 fl oz. For this amount of red wine, the calorie in takes is 85 with 0 calories coming from fat. You may have some interest in other nutritional facts like red wines does not contain cholesterol. It has got very low amount of  sodium (5mg), 2.8g of carbohydrates (with 0.8g coming from sugar). And 0.1g of Protein. Red wines also contain 8mg of calcium and 0.38mg of iron. So as you see, red wine calories are pretty low so there is not much to worry about. However, keep one thing always in your mind that when having a glass of red wine contains much quantity of alcohol. Which is quite hazardous to your health.