What Are The Red Quinoa Nutrition Facts And Its Benefits?

When you want to take the good product, you may know about Quinoa. This brand product has been referred to as the best product which contains high nutrition. Although you are on diet program, you can still grab some food from Quinoa. As the best choice, you can also have Red Quinoa as one of your supply in daily life. Before that, you have to know about Red Quinoa nutrition facts and its benefits for your body. There is some recommendation about this product, so here is the brief information about Red Quinoa.

The Nutrition Facts in Red Quinoa

Since Quinoa has been known as the best and highly recommended healthy food, you must be expected more of it. Here are the Red Quinoa nutrition facts that must be taken as concern for you supply:

  1. For each serving of 185 grams, Red Quinoa has 222 kcal of calories which are 39 grams from carbohydrate and 4gram from fat,
  2. Red Quinoa has 8 grams of protein,
  3. There is also 5 grams of fiber,
  4. For the protein, it contains 58% of Manganese, 30% of Magnesium, 28% Phosphorus, 19% of Folate, 18% of Copper, 15% of Iron, 13% of Zinc, and 9% of Potassium,
  5. There are also over 10% of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6

The Benefits of Red Quinoa

Based on Red Quinoa nutrition facts, it has great nutrient. In that situation, Red Quinoa also has certain advantages for your healthier body. Here are the benefit from having Red Quinoa as your meal:

  1. The Red Quinoa has low glycemic index, so it is useful for controlling your blood sugar,
  2. For the most important one, the Red Quinoa also can help you for losing some weights. With the high amount of fiber, it will help you to increase more feeling of fullness.
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