The Raw Almonds Nutrition Facts and Its Benefits for Body

Are you looking for the best supply of your diet program? Almond might be the best choice for diet. It has been known that almond is best for losing weight and reducing belly fat. Since there are so many good nutrition in almond, you can take it regularly. Different from other kinds of nuts, almond has higher protein than other nuts even in its small serving. So, this raw almonds nutrition facts will help you more to choose almond as best leading supply for your diet program.

The Raw Almonds Nutrition Facts and Its Benefits for Body

Some people will use it to replace wheat flour which is for gluten free diets. So, here are raw almonds nutrition facts in 100 grams of almond:

  1. There is 579 Kcal of calories
  2. There are 21.2 grams of protein
  3. There are 21.6 grams of carbohydrate which are from 4.4 grams of sugar and 12.5 grams of fiber
  4. There is around 4% of water
  5. There is also 47.7 grams of total fat which are from 3.8 grams of saturated fat, 31.55 grams of monounsaturated fat, 12.33 gram of polyunsaturated fat, and 0.02 grams of trans fat
  6. Also, in each 100 grams of almond contains 12.32 grams of Omega 6

Based on the raw almonds nutrition facts, there are some benefits for consuming raw almond regularly. For the first, the carbohydrate contained in almond will help you to reduce blood sugar levels so that it will be most suitable for people with diabetes. Secondly, the fiber in almond also contributes to slow the absorption of carbohydrate in your body, so it will improve the digestive health. Thirdly, the protein contained in almond will help you to treat infection, heal wounds fast, and also to maintain your hearth’s health. Fourthly, almond contains fat, but it will not be absorbed so that it can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

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