Raisins is Good For You

Raisins is good for you, raisins are very tasty, but as can be healthy, being rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Can be added to cakes, salads,or simply eaten as a snack between meals. A ½ cup raisins can successfully replace normal serving of fruit.

Raisins is good for you, a serving of 42 grams of raisins vitamin C, K and B6.

Raisins are a rich calcium, iron, mgneziu, phosphorus, copper and magnesium. potassium content and fluid balanceminerals in the body, keeping your system in good condition digestive, circulatory and blood pressure.

Macronutrients and calories: 42 grams of raisins you provide 129 calories, but not fat or cholesterol. They contain 34 grams of carbohydrates, which gives energy, and 2 grams of fiber which helps digestion and maintain colon health.

Raisins is good for you, raisins are a lot of antioxidants

(Flavonoids and phenols), which reduce the impact of radical free on the body. Raisins are and an excellent source of boron, which prevents arthritis and bone damage. They also have prebiotic, helping them maintain a healthy environment in the colon.

These fruits contain sulfites, which prevent darkening and change their taste, while drying. In cases isolated, they can cause side effects.

Did you know that raisins are dried grapes that derived from grapes without seeds? Consumed mainly the holidays because they are devoid of cake, bread and homemade cakes, raisins is a natural source of energy should not miss the daily diet.

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Raisins is good for you,here are some things about these fruits:

  1. In ancient Rome two jars filled raisins worth as a slave.
  2. Phoenicians and Armenians were bartering with raisins the Greeks and Romans. The latter have come to worship the fruits and offered as a reward athletes in competition. They also used as cures for various diseases such as mushroom poisoning or improving symptoms caused by old age.
  3. California is the largest producer of raisins around the world, here is producing about 50% of total quantity of raisins of the globe.
  4. Raisins have a tonic effect on the body and are excellent to combat fatigue and prevent depression.This is because raisins contain B vitamins, vitamins that help treat anxiety.
  5. More recent studies have concluded that raisins are designed to decrease appetite, while reducing cardiovascular disease risk.
  6. Based diet has the role of raisins libido. Moreover, in India there is a ritualthe newlyweds wedding consume milk with raisins, to improve libido.
  7. The fiber in raisins are designed to absorb water body so they can be used successfully in constipation.
  8. Even if they are sweet and stick to teeth, Raisins do not affect healthy teeth by producing cavities as do other sweets because they in chemical composition of processed sugar.
  9. Raisins are used worldwide for both for various desserts and dishes. Raisin bread for example is very popular in Ireland but also in Germany.
  10. These fruits can cause kidney blockage if consumed by dogs. The reasons are unknown.

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