Some Reasons You Should be Talking About Quiznos Nutrition Facts

Similar to its competition, Quizno’s offers a variety of sub sandwiches, soups and salads for a convenient, quick meal. Quiznos nutrition facts information at Quiznos reveals that it’s more than possible to eat a healthy meal if you’re mindful of what items you choose off the menu, portion size and any additional or hidden calories.

A well-balanced healthy meal should always consist of half a plate of fruits and vegetables, one-fourth plate of meat, and the other fourth of carbs. Careful selection on the Quiznos menu on Quiznos nutrition facts can help you achieve this type of meal.

Quiznos Nutrition Facts : Quiznos Sub Sandwiches

When you look at the Quiznos nutrition facts guide you’ll see quite a variance in calories. The Turkey Lite sub has 334 calories while the Turkey Ranch Swiss contains 691. It’s also wise to check fat content and sodium. Both sandwiches are relatively high in sodium, containing 1909 grams and 2695 grams respectively. If you have hypertension, a sub sandwich at Quiznos might not be the best choice for you.

Quiznos Nutrition Facts : Soup

The low-fat, low-calorie soup options at Quiznos nutrition facts provide a healthy side dish or main dish option. Nutrition information states that Quiznos Tomato Basil soup has only 93 calories with 4.3 grams of fat. Their Pumpkin Soup contains 121 calories and 3.6 grams of fat. A bowl of soup can be quite filling without loading you up with fat and calories.

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Quiznos Nutrition Facts : Salad

Salads aren’t always as healthy as they look or sound. Be wary of high-calorie dressings to help you cut calories and fat. Quizno’s salads are no exception. You can consume better Quiznos nutrition facts and fewer calories by skipping the dressing on Quizno’s salads. In fact, you’ll save 364 calories by going without the dressing.

Quiznos Nutrition Facts : Downsize

The sub sandwiches on Quiznos nutrition facts list and menu are offered in three sizes. A huge sub sandwich might look good to your eyes, but it’s probably not necessary for your stomach. A jumbo Lime Chili Chicken sandwich is 635 calories. The large size is 406 calories and the regular size is 260. By downsizing from the jumbo sandwich to the regular sized one you save 9 grams of fat. You can also downsize your meal’s calorie content by choosing fruit or a small salad as your side instead of chips.

Use Quiznos nutrition facts to your advantage for a fast food meal you can feel good about. Although it’s hard to replace a healthy, home-cooked meal, when your schedule demands that you eat on-the-run, you can do so by making wise food selections for better nutrition.