Quiznos Nutritional Information

Looking for Quiznos nutritional information? Great! Thats what we created this website for.  Okay, now lets start from the beginning and work our way up.  Lets begin with taking a look at what Quiznos calls its Classic Subs.  They come in three sizes; small, regular, and large.

Quiznos Nutritional Information on Their Menu

Well start with talking about the small quiznos menu, but I think its fair to assume in all instances here that the larger the sub, the more calories, fat, sodium, etc.  You can have your Classic Sub on your choice of the following breads: Italian White, 9 Grain Artisan Wheat, Rosemary Parmesan, or Italian Herb.  Your choices for meats and toppings are:  Classic Italian Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Capicola, Mozzarella, Black olives, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, & Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Fats on Quiznos Menu

The sub itself has 350 calories, 120 of which are from fat.  Speaking of fat, you would be ingesting 14 grams of that, 8 of which is saturated and no trans fat.  Cholesterol comes in at 40mg and sodium is 1190mg.  When it comes to carbs, youll be getting 40 grams of that, dietary fiber is at just 5 grams and Sugars rolls in at 5 grams.

Protein on Quiznos Menu

Last, but not least, the Classic sub boasts 18 grams of protein, which is something we all need regardless of whether or not we are watching what we eat. Now, if you want to add cheese & dressing to that glorious sub we just described, dont forget to tack on another 135 calories and 12.5 grams of fat bringing your total caloric intake for this Quiznos sandwhich to 485 and your total fat intake to 26.5 grams.

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These are the Quiznos nutritional information you should be looking for when ordering from there or even before ordering from there.  Get all the facts first and then you can make a smart decision when it comes time to order.  Check out the image below for a graphic visual of what were describing above:

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