The Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta Nutrition Facts

Pasta is the best choice for the meal. Besides its delicious taste, some kinds of pasta are easy to make. We usually found spaghetti pasta that might also become the favorite meal in the home. One of the favorite ones is Quinoa Pasta. It is one of the favorite brands of pasta that may also usually used in your home. However, some of you still confused either have to take it or not since you are on diet program. From now, you cannot be confused again since you can check the Quinoa pasta nutrition facts. So, there will be no worry on your meal with pasta.

Quinoa Pasta Nutrition Facts

Quinoa Pasta has been claimed as a portion of pasta with the bunch of minerals, vitamins, and also other micronutrients. It is good for your health. So, the first Quinoa pasta nutrition facts are it contains 205 kcal of calories in each serving. For each serving of Quinoa pasta is for 2 ounces. What makes it better is there is no cholesterol found in this pasta, so it will be safe for you who have the problem with cholesterol food. It also contains 1 gram of total far and 4 mg of sodium. For the total carbohydrate, Quinoa has 46 gram of total carbohydrate which is 4 gram from dietary fiber and 1 gram from sugars.

Although it has 4gram of protein, the Quinoa pasta nutrition facts of vitamins contain in is not too much. It has only 9% of Iron, and there are 0% of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin D, and even Potassium. However, the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti Pasta has “A” score as the best one with these nutrition facts. When you are on a diet, you can still have it as your meal as long as you can balance it. Remember that, you can take it too much for your diet’s sake!

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