Pumpkin Seeds Nutrition Facts that You Didn’t Know

Europeans first came to learn about pumpkin seeds through North American Indians who had been using the seed for centuries owing to their nutritional facts value. Indians used pumpkin seeds for both medical and nutritional purposes. Years of taking the nutritious seed had proven to be very rewarding to members of the community. Oddly enough, every Thanksgiving and Halloween, people discard these seeds without a second thought. Maybe if they understood pumpkin seeds nutrition facts value this would not be the case.

Pumpkin Seeds Nutrition Facts

So what is the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds? Not many snacks come close to pumpkin seeds in terms of nutrition. They are part of the gourd family which includes cantaloupe and squash. Pumpkin seeds high in an ingredient known as cucurbitacin. It is a very powerful ingredient that has been proven to avoid and inhibit the formation of cancer cells in the prostate. In other words, pumpkin seeds have the ability to prevent or reduce the spread of prostate cancer. The pumpkin seeds nutrition value has also been found to prevent urinary tract infections as well as other bladder problems such as incontinence.

Seeds from the guard family have been in use for centuries when it comes to preventing and treating parasite infections. This means persons consuming pumpkin seeds or any other seeds from the guard family are safeguard from parasites. The same seeds also have the ability to prevent kidney problems as well as kidney failures. A daily diet of pumpkin sees can keep all these ailments away. There are other benefits resulting from eating pumpkin seeds.

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The phytosterols contained in pumpkin seeds is the main reason they are able to prevent many forms of cancer. Recently, the usefulness of pumpkin seeds nutrition have been attribute to the improvement of brain function after persons with learning disabilities showed significant improvements after the consumption of the seeds as well as elevating any cases of depression. This physiological effect of pumpkin seeds has helped many patients cope with debilitating mental conditions.

The pumpkin seeds nutrition facts is also evident in the high levels of manganese, magnesium as well as phosphorous. These metals are important in the body as they help in the electrical transmissions of neurons within the nervous systems, and indicator as to why pumpkin seeds are able to elevate mental illnesses. Zinc is also present in high levels in pumpkin seeds which is an important element for skin as well as hair growth. Perhaps with this knowledge, people will not be throwing the seeds away.