The High Protein Puffed Quinoa Nutrition Facts

If you are looking for the high protein cereal, the puffed Quinoa might be the best recommendation. As one of the famous brand product, puffed Quinoa is the best recommendation for your daily meal in the morning. It has a little bead, seed, and grain which is the form of protein. So, it must be the perfect choice for you who like cereal with high protein. Some people recommended Quinoa since it becomes the ideal grain which can be used for other multiple grain allergy or gluten allergy’s substitution. Moreover, the puffed Quinoa nutrition facts showed that it is easiest to digest rather than rice.

What’s in Puffed Quinoa?

Then, it is time for you to know more about puffed Quinoa nutrition facts. As the best-recommended cereal product which contains high protein, puffed Quinoa has the best amino acid profile. It contains magnesium, calcium, iron, and other minerals. For iron and calcium, it contains 14% of iron and 2% of calcium which is far enough for your daily supply. Compared to other supply, such as meat, eggs, and milk, this puffed Quinoa is better. Moreover, the other vitamins in this cereal are also excellent. There are vitamin E and vitamin C.

Based on puffed Quinoa nutrition facts, it has vitamin E and vitamin C which contains potassium, riboflavin, thiamin, and phosphorus. Moreover, there is also high calcium which is best for lactose-intolerant. For the total amount, in every 20 grams of puffed Quinoa contains 72 kcal of calories which are 1gram from fat. For the total carbohydrate, it has 14 grams which are 1gram from dietary fiber. The protein in such excellent facts, the puffed Quinoa has 3.2 grams of protein. So, it must be perfect cereal for you who are looking for the best high protein grain. As your daily supply, you need the best one.

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More About Puffed Quinoa Nutrition Facts