Myths Uncovered About Potato Nutrition Facts

Potato is one of our main meals, there are some potato nutrition facts you must to know. Most people eat potato to fulfill their carbohydrate needs, in nutrition fact it has more than carbohydrate. There are a lot of nutrition you can get by eating potato.

Potato Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

What a Potato Nutrition Facts Can Give You

You will get a lot benefit by eating about 160 gram of potato nutrition facts. In a day you need around 2000 calories to do all of your activities. In fact by eating 160 gram of potatoes you have already fulfilled 134 calories to your body. At the same time, from this amount of potato nutrition facts you will get only 0.2 gram of fat and less than 0.1 gram of saturated fat without any cholesterol content.

At the same time, potato nutrition facts also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin B3 which will supply around 23 – 25 % of your vitamin B needs. It also has potassium, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus, the minerals you need in your daily menu.

Potato Nutrition Facts Is Good For Diabetes

Considering its potato nutrition facts content, it is good to have potato as your main meals. It also supplies 15% of your daily fiber needs. For people who get diabetes, potato is the best carbohydrate supplier for it has no sugar content.

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Besides the potato nutrition facts, potato have neutral taste so it will be easier to combine potatoes with any ingredients.

Potato Nutrition Facts : How To Choose and Store It

  • Potato nutrition facts is suggested for you to buy potatoes in which you can take a look at the potatoes individually. Inspect the potatoes well, choose the potatoes which has no scratch and any damage. Choose the smooth skinned potato for they will be last longer. After choosing good potato, you also have to store it properly.
  • It is suggested for you to not store it in the fridge or combine it with other vegetables. You have to store it in a container with good air circulation to keep potato nutrition facts in its best conditions. Make sure the container is dry and place it in a dark place. The sun and the light will trigger the potatoes to grow.
  • If you want to have some frozen potatoes, you have to chock the well and then wash them with cold water. The potato nutrition facts will be perfect if you add a little salt to keep the color of the chocked potato. After that, put the potato in dry container and freeze it. You will have frozen potato which will be easy to cook.

Potato Nutrition Facts : How To Cook It

To cook the potato, you should cook it in fast cook like to cook them with oven or steamer. This cooking process will keep the fiber of the potatoes and especially, it keeps the vitamin contents of the potato nutrition facts.

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After knowing the  potato nutrition facts you may think that it is better not to fry the potatoes. For frying the potato will increase it fat contents and lower it vitamin contents.