Potato Calories: Increase Your Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Potato calories will differ depending on how this delicious root crop is being cooked. For example, the baked potato calories will be around 130 calories, especially if you’re eating the small one. Of course, the bigger the size of the potato, the higher will be the potatoes calories.

On the other hand, sweet potato calories with skin can be around 95.39 calories, which is equivalent to 77 grams. What’s more, you can gain more than just calories in sweet potato. These root crops are rich with different kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Potato Calories and Potato Nutrition

The key to potato nutrition facts is actually in its skin. Though it comes in different colors, such as yellow, red, brown, and white, it contains lots and lots of vitamins and minerals, which are very important so you can reach the recommended daily allowance.


Besides potato calories, the tuber is highly rich with potassium. In fact, more than 600 mg of it is composed of the mineral. It also has more potassium than a banana. When you want to improve the performance of your muscles, such as building up your tissues, you need to take in potassium.

Moreover, the calories in potatoes are also paired with iron, which is useful in converting the food that you eat to energy. It will also increase your immunity against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.


Because of the high calories in potato, these tubers are one of the best sources of carbohydrates. This is completely different from fat, since carbohydrates are need by the boy in order to provide fuel for your body cells. These are the ones being converted into energy, so you don’t get feel tired or weary easily, particularly when you’re doing strenuous activities. The potato calories are also essential to the brain. The body will eventually break down the muscles of your vital organs once you start to deprive yourself with potato calories.

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Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C

Potato calories also go well with vitamin B6, which is fundamental in keeping your heart safe from any coronary heart disease. It helps convert chemicals into homocysteine, which, when you have high doses of it, will keep you away from stroke and heart attack. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that it has stayed under ground for too long, it doesn’t acquire any vitamin. Vitamin C is also present in potatoes, which also boosts your immune system. It can maintain the ideal health of your tissues, and prevent blood clot.

Vitamin A

Besides potato calories, the tuber is also enrich with vitamin A, which can provide you with good eyesight. Moreover, a lot of studies reveal that it can also discourage lung inflammation. And other health problems brought about by second-hand smoking.

While you’re counting potato calories, make sure that you’re also buying the best ones. You must avoid those that already appear bruised or cracked. Rather, go for those that are firm to touch. You should avoid placing them in cold environment because it can modify the taste.