How the Sequester Affects Potato Nutrition

Potato nutrition is not always a positive in diets, however.  Because of unhealthy cooking methods, potatoes began to receive a bad rap, nutritionally speaking.  When eaten in their natural state, jacket and all, the potato is deemed to be a healthy dietary choice.  It is only when they are immerse in bubbling fat, drench with ample doses of salt and buried under mounds of butter, creams, cheeses and bacon that the calories and fat count begin to rise dramatically.

And it is important to note that even packed with all of the additives, it still is not the potato itself that imparts the high calories.  It is in the toppings that the calories and fat are found.  Frying is undoubtedly delicious for the potato, but far from being healthy.   While everyone loves French fries, the same effect can be achieved in a healthier version which is coated in protein rich egg white, season well and baked in the oven until golden brown and crisp.

Health Benefits of Potato Nutrition

One of the biggest hindrances to the recognition of potato nutrition facts on the dietary scale came with the invention of potato chips.  The history of the chip extends back to the mid 1800’s in New York, where a man named George Crum worked as a chef at a fancy resort.  One of Crum’s signature dishes were delicious thick cut French fries.  Upon tasting these, one guest found the fries to be unpalatable due to the thickness and sent his order back to the kitchen.  Crum tried again, slicing the fries thinner.

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Still, the guest returned them to the kitchen, insisting they were still too thick for his liking.  Thinking it to be a sarcastic response, Crum slice the potatoes paper thin and fried them as crisply as he could so that the guest would be unable to eat them with his fork.  Far from being insulted, the guest was absolutely thrill with the golden brown, crunchy slices.  Sharing them with his dinner companions compound the unanimous opinion that these “chips” were a hit.

Potato is Favorite Foods

Responding to numerous customer requests for the innovative treat, the chips became part of the resort’s regular menu offering.  It wasn’t long before the chips were being package and sold locally, and then branching out throughout the northeast corner of the state.  Americans in particular enjoy the salty, crunchy treat; eating more potato chips than any other country.  To appease more nutritionally and healthy minded customers, potato chips can now be purchase in baked form, which is lower in fat than its deep fried cousin.

In an age of weight conscious Americans, many fad diets have emerged.  A few of these have discouraged eating potatoes; stating that the mealy vegetable was too high on the carbohydrate scale to be a healthy choice.   It is true that, according to the potato nutrition listings, carbohydrates in one baked potato. It make up about 17% of the daily recommended amount.  This does not mean that the potato should be avoid in your diet, however.  It means only that the remainder of the carbohydrates consume throughout the day. It should be adjust to allow for the inclusion of the vegetable.  Baking, microwaving or boiling the potato are the methods of cooking that add no extra calories or fat, and so are the ones recommend to prepare your vegetable.

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Potato Nutritional Values

To evaluate the benefit of including potatoes in your diet, take a look at the nutritional values associate with one baked potato:

Calories:        110                                         Sodium:          -0-
Fat:                 – 0 –                                       Potassium:     620 grams
Cholesterol    – 0 –                                        Sugars:           1 gram
Protein:           3 grams                                 Dietary Fiber: 2 grams

Potatoes are also pack with vitamin C, folic acid and iron; not to mention also possessing calcium, thiamin, niacin, folate, copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B12.  All of the minerals and vitamins are vital to the efficient operation of the human body. They come in one unassuming package:  the potato.


It is an interesting fact that the potato, which has been in the world since 500 B.C. It has only gained the acclaim it deserves in the past 100 years.  Ignorance and inexperience with the vegetable kept this hearty and versatile tuber. From being enjoy by many for thousands of years.  Although it may have had a rough travel through history and numerous countries before it was finally recognize. The value of potato nutrition has earned its way onto the dinner plates of millions of people in America.