If You Read One Article About Popcorn Nutrition Read this One

Few people regard popcorn a pastime snack without the real knowledge of popcorn nutrition. To begin with popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks containing high amount of calories, vitamins, proteins, minerals among others. Unlike the many sugary snacks, popcorn nutrition remains the safest for children as it is not harmful to the teeth. Instead, popcorn nutrition contains phosphorous and calcium that are important minerals for the tooth growth.

Facts About Popcorn Nutrition

Consuming as little as three ounces of popcorn nutrition is enough to supply the body. With about one third of what is the daily phosphorous and about one fifth of iron requirement. The same amount of popcorn will supply the highest amount of iron, phosphorous or calcium than even apples, carrots or even potatoes! Considering the production costs in terms of money and time and other factors, still popcorn nutrition remains the cheapest yet highly nutritionally valuable.

Popcorn Nutrition Consider on Medical Expert

Medical experts consider corn flakes nutrition as an important roughage and other bulk that are essential for teeth and gums exercises which is a great contrast to what soft foods offer. It stimulates gastro intestinal activities and saliva flow. For these reasons, popcorn nutrition can be use as an aid in the stimulation of digestion should one suffer from indigestion, gas and overeating. Though considered high sodium content food, corn flakes nutrition contains low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. While it again remains a good source of vitamin A, Thiamine, iron and other nutrients.

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Popcorn Nutrition Vs. Others

Where cheese supplies only 368 calories per 100 grams. Corn tortilla nutrition will supply a stunning 404 calories per 100 grams. On a scale of 1000 foods that could be listed, popcorn nutrition will have more calories than 88% of the foods. With the other options remaining either expensive or unavailable. By comparison, corn tortilla nutrition is healthier than flour tortilla. Since it is low in fats thus being a better option for those doing a weight loss program.

A study for the corn nuts nutrition also indicated that three and a half oz contains 12.8 milligrams of protein that is essential for growth and rebuilding of the human body. Since protein is not stored in the body, it should be supplied in the daily meal. While meat remains the highest protein food, popcorn nutrition boasts of considerably high protein content. Since meat bears with it questionable health benefits as in regards to its source.

Vitamin Source on Popcorn Nutrition

Popcorn nutrition facts is a good source of vitamins which are not manufacture in the human body. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is a vitamin that helps in digestion and also maintains good appetite. Besides it also maintains the normal functioning of the nervous system. Popcorn nutrition has the highest amount of Thiamine in three and a half oz. It contains 0.39 milligrams of thiamine more than beef, liver and eggs that contain 0.10, 0.27, 0.12 milligrams. Respectively only Riboflavin (vitaminB2) on the other hand helps maintain the skin conditions thus preventing disorders such as Pellagra. Popcorn supplies much of riboflavin than many other known foods. Three and a half oz of popcorn nutrition contains 0.12 grams of riboflavin. Unlike the apple that is thought a good vitamin food having only 0.02 grams of riboflavin.