What Makes Pomegranate Wine Special?

Pomegranate wine is considered by some to be an especially healthy drink, preferable to red wine in that respect. Others simply like the taste, and consider pomegranate wine to be a rather superior fruity wine. While taste is largely a matter of individual preference, and most lovers of fruity wines. It will probably agree that the pomegranate makes a good wine. It’s a little harder to build the case for any health benefits which may be attributed to pomegranate wine.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate Wine

Juice, Healthy – Wine, Maybe – That is not to say that claims that pomegranate wine is a healthy drink are false. It’s simply that in many instances the jury is still out. The pomegranate is one of those “super foods”, chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, pomegranate juice is one of the few food items containing the three major antioxidants in abundance. Antioxidants pay a major role in keeping cholesterol levels within acceptable limits. This preventing atherosclerosis, boosting the immune system, fighting inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and even destroying cancer cells. The pomegranate wine even contains esterone, a natural form of the hormone estrogen.

Nutrition Contain in Pomegranate Wine

The pomegranate nutrition facts is rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, niacin, and is also a rich source of fiber. If the pomegranate has a downside, it may be that it can be difficult to peel. And its hard shell may simply turn some people away. It also is full of seeds, something we don’t always want in a fruit, but in the pomegranate, it is the seeds that are especially sweet and good tasting.

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Another Benefits of Pomegranate Wine

There has been much in the news recently about the benefits of having a glass of red wine daily. People are not encourage to take up wine drinking to stay healthy. And more than one glass a day will have a negative affect. But for those who already drink wine, a glass of red wine a day is regarded as a good thing. Grapes are healthy, and red wine appears to be healthy as well, possibly because of the presence of tannins, powerful antioxidants.  The argument for pomegranate wine is that since the juice contains a much higher concentration of antioxidants that do grapes, or most any other fruit, pomegranate wine will be a healthier drink than red wine. This has not been proven, though there have been scientific studies yielding data that indicates pomegranate wine may indeed be superior.

How To Make Pomegranate Wine

Make Your Own Pomegranate Wine – Pomegranate wine tends to be a bit pricey, although a glass a day may be affordable. It isn’t all that hard to make pomegranate wine at home. It’s not all that much more difficult to make pomegranate wine than to make wine from grapes. Without going into detail, what you’ll need besides a dozen or so pomegranates. It would be a half-pound of barley, a couple of pounds of sugar, and a little lemon juice, plus water. Before proceeding it would be wise to look up a recipe or two to get the exact amount require of each ingredient. Plus detailed fermenting instructions. If you go this route, the Pomegranate wine will be sufficiently age in about a year’s time.

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Don’t rely solely on pomegranate wine as your pathway to good health. It’s just one of the beneficial food items you can enjoy, especially if you like fruity wines. Pomegranate juice is far healthier, and a glass of that each day. This will do you more good than any wine, or most fruit juices for that matter. Next time you’re in the supermarket, pick up a pomegranate, take it home. And then learn how to peel it, and enjoy the seeds. Pomegranate wine or juice may then eventually find their way into your diet for healthy living.