Why Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts are the Secret Ingredient

Stuffed-crust pizza and calzones oozing cheese don’t exactly scream “healthy” but they’re two of the most popular menu items at Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut nutrition facts information shows high calorie and fat content in many of the menu items at this fast food pizza restaurant.

But there are healthier options that allow you to enjoy a meal at Pizza Hut while maintaining decent nutrition and avoiding huge consumption of calories, fat and sodium. A bit of information on Pizza Hut nutrition facts can help you make a more informed meal choice.

Enjoy One Slice of Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts

There’s no denying it, most people go to Pizza Hut for Pizza Hut nutrition facts. And to tell someone to avoid pizza seems kind of silly. But there’s no need to go overboard either. Your taste buds really only need three bites of something to fully enjoy the taste. Since pizza is all about the taste, enjoy one slice, then move onto other items with fewer calories and fat. One slice of a medium Thin ‘n Crispy pizza has between 180 and 190 calories.

Pass the Pasta on Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts

Pass the pasta and don’t let it stop at your plate. The Pizza Hut nutrition facts guide reveals the pasta dishes to pack around 500 calories a piece. With 20 to 30 grams of fat and more than 1000 mg of sodium. Because they are covered with meat and cheese sauces, as well as cream, Pizza Hut pasta dishes are wise to avoid.

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Skip the Extras on Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts

Extra cheese, extra sauce, extra dressing, extra servings at the pizza buffet. All of the extras available at Pizza Hut nutrition facts might add to the flavor. But they also add to the calorie, fat and sodium levels while diminishing nutrition.

Appetizers on Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts

Most Pizza Hut nutrition facts buffets offer pizza and salad. Whenever this is available, opt for the salad as an appetizer and skip the creamy dressings in favor of a light Italian. If salad isn’t available, there are a few other appetizer options that won’t cause you to stray too far from a meal low on unhealthy foods and high on nutrition facts. Choose two hot or mild wings for 120 calories, or a breadstick or cheesestick for 140 and 180 calories, respectively.

It might be a bit more challenging to eat healthfully at Pizza Hut but it can be done. Stick to the rule of one slice of pizza with salad on the side and you should be able to enjoy dining out at Pizza Hut nutrition facts once in a while.

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