The Great Benefits of Pistachio Nutrition Facts

Pistachio nutrition facts is an essential nutrition, as it helps in detoxifying the body. This nut is essentially derived from the pistachio nut. Pistachio nuts have always been seen to represent nutritional health since time immemorial. The pistachio nuts belong to the anacardacea family believed to have originated from, western Asian region.

The Great Benefits of Pistachio Nutrition Facts

Pistachio nutrition has got a lot of benefits. It contains anti oxidants. In fact, it has ten different anti oxidants which include lutein and naringerin. The benefit of anti oxidants has always been shown to be beneficial. For instance, they help to prevent heart conditions and diseases; in addition they help in cancer related complications. Pistachio nutrition facts is also exceptionally rich in healthy fats which normally help in the reduction of blood cholesterol levels. The type of fat present in pistachio nutrition facts is the unsaturated fat which is healthier as compared to saturated fats. Pistachio nutrition is rich in fiber too. Fiber has been prove to help in the regulation of the blood sugar levels and subsequently reduce the risk of cancerous diseases. Unsaturated fats also reduce or they lower the cholesterol level in the body.

Pistachio nutrition is also rich in potassium. An important function of potassium is that it helps or it is an essential part of the sodium-potassium the usually helps in pumping the heart. Pistachio nutrition facts is rich in copper and manganese and has always known to be an excellent source of phosphorous. It also adds to the body the much-needed vitamin B-6. In fact it provides 20% of the daily Value per serving. Pistachio nutrition is also a potent source of thiamine it has got other vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.

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Calories in Pistachio

People have always wanted to know the amount of calories in their food. So, how many calories are there in a pistachio diet? As with normal servings of any diet or nutrition, it largely depends with the amount of pistachio nut that a person intends to eat. A serving of 30 g of a pistachio nutrition diet (which is about 1 Ounce) has 49 kernels and 170 calories. By serving of pistachio nutrition diet normally provides the body with nutritious source of fiber as earlier on discussed. A serving of the nuts usually provides the body with 3 grams of dietary fiber which represents around 12% of the recommended daily value. This is fiber as it doubles what is usually provided by other nuts.