Pineapple Good For Bones

Pineapple fruit is not only sweet and delicious, but it also offers many useful properties and benefits for our health. Pineapple is loaded with vitamin C, B1 and also one of the sources of manganese, magnesium, copper, beta – carotene, potassium, fiber and folic acid.

Powerful Pineapple Against Free Radicals

Vitamin C is found in pineapple is helpful in fighting free radicals in the body that can cause a variety of diseases such as the common cold to cancer. Skin and mucous membranes of the body also needs vitamin A to be able to stop the virus and bacteria can enter the body.

Vitamin B is more commonly known as thiamin useful to convert carbohydrates into energy is a necessary day-to- day. It is important for the nervous system and also the function of the muscle.

Pineapple Very Good for Bones

Fiber are very effective to reduce constipation. Pineapple also can clean up toxins in the body. Pineapple is also good for bones, because manganese is an excellent mineral for bone formation and also building of strong connective tissue. It can also speed up the healing of wounds and also maintain healthy skin.

Sulfur is a mineral that is important for both the health of the body. According to research there is presence of volatile sulfur compounds in the fruit of the pineapple. These compounds are excellent for the composition of proteins in maintaining the structure and integrity. Then there is bromelain which helps maintain body balance.

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