PF Chang’s Nutrition Facts May Surprise You!

P.F. Chang is a Chinese restaurant that has some franchises throughout America and in Mexico City as well as Kuwait. This restaurant has received a spectacular label because it has franchises that are spreading everywhere. Each restaurant, no matter which city it is in, is committed to ensuring you have a superb dining experience every time you visit. The atmosphere in the restaurant is a mixture of Chinese and American cultures. There is a hand-painted panoramic mural adorning all their restaurants and terracotta warriors standing everywhere. Many branches of the restaurant also have a giant 11-foot horse at the entrance, symbolizing the native Chinese Forbidden City. Although P.F. Chang food is liked by many people from various circles, still there are pros and cons about the nutritional value contained in every food menu in this Chinese restaurant. Let’s check!

Pro and Cons PF Chang’s Nutrition Facts

Pro; This restaurant has a special menu for healthy eating. PF Chang provides Outback list nutrition information. P.F. Changs reveals calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber; Outback provides nutritional information on healthy restaurant items and includes a FAQ section that answers questions directed to individual dietary needs.

But have you ever noticed about PF Chang’s nutrition facts on nutrition list information?

Contra; If you have free time to enjoy the food and consider The Crispy Green Beans menu as a healthy choice, maybe you should be more careful. This menu sounds healthy because it is made of vegetables and looks green. One serving of crispy green beans without sauce contains 895 calories; two ounces of sauce contains 310 extra calories. So you can calculate the number of calories that will enter your body, is not it? Examples of other PF Chang’s nutrition facts are Double Pan-Fried Noodles Combo with 1,800 kcal calories, 70 grams of fat, and 7,500 mg of sodium per serving. Is that healthy for you?

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