Persimmons Nutritional Information for Your Diet Supply

When you are on a diet but bored with a menu, you have to change the ingredients. If you eat only vegetables and fruits, you may change other fruits that are rarely found to eat. One of the choices that can be chosen as favorite fruit for diet is persimmons. This fruit is actually can be found easily in Japan since it is grown mostly in dry and warm climates. For your information, persimmons are also known as the food of the Gods. As like its name, persimmons contains so many nutrition which is good for your health. Before you grab it, you have to know persimmons nutritional information.

Persimmons Nutrition Facts

As the food of Gods, persimmons contains with good nutrition that will give your more benefit. First, in each 100 gram of persimmons contains 70 kcal of calories which 2 kcal is from fat. Second, it also contains 1 mg of sodium and 1 gram of protein. Third, there is the only 19 gram of total carbohydrate which is 4 gram from dietary fiber and 13 gram from sugar. Fourth, it also has completed vitamin which are 33% of vitamin A, 13% of vitamin C, 1% of calcium and iron. So, from this persimmons nutritional information, you can easily grab this as your diet menu.

Benefit of Persimmons

Based on persimmons nutritional information, there are some advantages that can be taken. Persimmons will help you as a protector to against mouth and lung cancer. Moreover, it is also the best recommendation as the best source of fiber which will help your body regulated well. Then, you can find persimmons as a supply that can stabilize your metabolic system that will run along with phosphorus and copper. However, there is also fructose in persimmons that will harmful for your health if you get it in excessive amounts.

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