Papaya Myths : Believe it or Not ?

Many people have been hearing that papaya would be dangerous to pregnant woman, while other said that papaya could make your breast bigger. however without scientific proof any myth should not be taking serious.

Here we talk about those myths:

Papaya is Dangerous to Pregnant Woman

  • This is not true, Papaya is a good fruit to help combat constipation when pregnant because we tend to take alot of iron during our pregnancy which makes it difficult for some pregnant mothers to pass stools properly.
  • The unripe papaya (dark green color) however should be avoided because it contain some substance that could vitiate the embryonic system in pregnancy.
  • we already talk more specificly about this here Dangers of Unripe Papaya in Pregnancy

Papaya Could Make the Breast Bigger

  • People said that red or yellow papaya with a glass of milk every day is the recipe.
  • Explicitly, this is never proved, however if we do try scientific talk we came by this : breast size is determined by genes but of course can be augmented by the female hormone, estrogen and as we know papaya contain natrual estrogen.

We talk about other myths later, some say true some say wrong but remember that there is just so much another factors that could cause what people had by experience. consult with some doctors may help you decide what best for you.

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