Papaya: Another Facts

Papaya is originally come from Southern Mexico. Papayas are basically has two known types, the one is in yellow color when ripe which often found in North America and Hawaii. It is small in size that can be held in the hand. The second type is from Southern and Southeast Asia, big heavy dark skinned papayas are the norm, bigger in size, the flesh generally blood red and yellow oranged in color. These two taste quite similar.

Some Interesting Facts About Papaya :

  • You can eat papaya seeds. Taste little spicy, like pepper. People consumed it as a dietary medicine, great for our digestion.
  • Papaya holds great nutrition for our body. Fat free, cholestrol free, low sodium and contain numerous vitamins of C, A, K, E and also Folate. Papaya contains vitamin A much better than carrot.
  • Some latest research found its good to use as contraceptive like used many in some countries like India, Iran, Pakistan, etc.
  • If you get burns, stings, cuts or rashes, you can use papaya paste as it is popularly known as natural pain reliever.
  • Papayas are also popular among beauty seeker. Papaya facial mask good for rejuvenating skin and act as anti acne (more in: papaya for skin care). As your dietary plan, papaya can burn fat a lot.
  • Pregnant women better to avoid unripe papaya. You can read more about this here: dangers of unripe papaya in pregnancy
  • Last but not least, one papaya a day can save your life and prevent you from getting the cancer and to assist you in recovery following chemotherapy.
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