Panera Iced Green Tea Nutrition

A bright sunny day is a perfect day for a cold drink, especially for Panera Iced Green Tea. This drink would be an excellent choice throughout the hot and sunny day. But, since it would be better if you drink a healthy drink, you better figure it out the nutritional facts before you take a big sip from the wide straw and the flavor come to the mouth, you better think the Panera Iced Green Tea Nutrition out.

Panera Iced Green Tea Nutrition

So, without any further due, here’s the Panera Iced Green Tea Nutrition that you should know!

  • 200 Calories
  • 0 grams Total Fat
  • 30 mg Sodium
  • 51 grams Total Carb
  • 2 grams Fiber
  • 2 grams Protein

As we acknowledge on the Panera Iced Green Tea Nutrition above, the refreshing beverages contain 200 calories, which isn’t too bad for a 16 Oz of a sweetened drink, especially if you drink it as a meal replacement or snack.  But too bad, the big fat carbs of 51 carbs only come from sugar, and it is pretty disappointing because sugar is the number one cause of chronic disease and can be as addicting as cocaine. Even though it also has fiber, sodium and also protein, a total carb that only come from sugar is just too much, this even too much for average sweetened drinks such as sodas. Therefore, my suggestion is to make you own green tea iced since it is now easy to get a green tea, either powder or leaves on the market. You better waste some time to make this drink rather than buy it because it is better to prevent the sickness, right? You can also add some real iced cream or whipped cream if you like, it will pop out the flavor of your drinks.

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