How Orange Juice Nutrition Facts Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Revealing the orange juice nutrition facts will surprise you just how nutritious this sweet refreshing beverage is. Yap, for so long we are probably trap in stigma that drinking orange juice will only gain you more weight. However, a research just found that consuming 100% orange juice in moderate intake will only serve more advantages for your health. Thus, we should be encourage to drink 100 percent—with no additional sugar—orange juice in daily routine from now on.

Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

(Orange juice nutrition facts values per 8 ounces or 1 cup)

  • For every cup of orange juice nutrition facts we drink, there are 110 kcal calories, 25 gram carbohydrates, 21 gram total sugars, 0.5 gram dietary fiber, 2 gram protein, only 0.32 gram fat and 0 mg cholesterol that will be absorb on your body.
  • Meanwhile, the vitamins you attain from a cup of orange juice nutrition facts are also attempting, such as 82 mg vitamin C, 0.28 mg thiamine, 45 mcg DFE folate, 0.13 mg vitamin B6, 194 IU vitamin A, and 0.70 mg niacin.
  • Orange juice nutrition facts also gladly offers you with some considerable amounts of potassium (473 mg), magnesium (27 mg), calcium (350-500 mg), iron (4.2 mg) and sodium (2 mg).

Orange Juice’s Health Benefits

Becoming an excellent source of rich nutrients. Orange juice nutrition facts is probably the most naturally healthy drinks in the world. In details, you can contemplate its health benefits from each nutrient it contains.

  • Having an abundant amount of vitamin C that has been long known as the most important anti-oxidant. An 8 ounces cup of 100% orange juice nutrition facts will provide you 100 percent of your anti-oxidant daily value. Thus, you’ll get useful help to keep your immune system always healthy.
  • The potassium contents in a cup of 8 ounces 100% orange juice nutrition facts also plays an essential job in maintaining your muscle function. Aside from that, it has a very supportive role on diminishing the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.
  • 100% orange juice nutrition facts can serve you some considerable amount of folic acid. That is very important for healthy red blood cells and cell division. Consuming adequate folic acid during pregnancy is also related to lessening any risk of brain. And spinal cord defects on the fetus.
  • Rich amount of calcium in 100% orange juice nutrition facts will give you any other health benefits. Such as, strengthening your bones, supporting healthy blood pressure and promoting healthy cardio-vascular.
  • From the vitamin B6 in 100% orange juice nutrition facts. You will find a helpful hand to maintain your body process energy and production of new cells.
  • The last, there you will find thiamin content in your daily cup of orange juice nutrition facts. That is very beneficial to converse food into energy and to produce or repair your DNA.
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Conclusion of Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

It’s such a pity to avoid orange juice nutrition facts just because you’re afraid of getting fat. Especially after looking at the nutrition facts and health benefits it gives. As long as you don’t drink it excessively, you will be in the peak position to control your weight. As well as your daily nutrition need simultaneously. You can always look at the orange juice nutrition facts above to arrange your dietary menu anyway.

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