Orange Juice Nutrition

If we talk about orange juice nutrition facts, of course you already know that this citrus fruit has vitamin C, and minerals that are good for normal growth and development as a whole for your body. Botanically Citrus is one of the orange fruit that comes from a family Rutaceae Citrus genus includes fruit pomelo, tangerine (mandarin oranges) and grapefruit. Scientifically this fruit has a name that is referred to as “Citrus sinensis”.

Orange Juice Nutrition


Many people who consume this fruit in juice or way in the blender first, so people will be easier to consume by drink it. As we know orange is living in the tropical semitropical regions, have also green and colored leaves of flowering, orange is living in a small tree and grows only by having a height of about 5 to 8 m course, and the orange fruit is harvested every season. Orange fruit has a diameter of about 3 inches and weighs only about 100 to 150 g. Oranges can be classified into two categories, sweet orange and bitter, and this is the type most commonly consumed.

Orange juice nutrition facts shows, if you consume grapefruit juice is then you will get the benefits of good health for your body:

  • In citrus fruits is a rich source of vitamin C, oranges give about 60% of the DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes), and Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is natural and very powerful function. By drinking juice with vitamin C-rich, then it could help you in your body develop resistance against infectious viruses and dangerous, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.
  • Oranges also contain various phytochemicals, and Narigenin Hesperetin is a flavonoid that can be found only in citrus fruits only. Naringenin has a bio-active effect to human health function as antioxidants, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, and modulators for the human immune system. This substance can also cut oxidative injury to DNA.
  • Juice which made from citrus fruit, can give your vitamin B complex is very large, such as thiamine, pyridoxine, and folate. This vitamin is essential for your body, because your body really needs this vitamin as an external source to replenish.
  • Citrus fruit in a blender or a juice made in the good for consumption, because the orange juice can give you minerals such as potassium and calcium. Potassium is a very important part to your cells and body fluids in helping to control heart rate and blood pressure through a reaction against sodium.

However, orange juice nutrition facts show that if you want to get these nutrients from citrus fruit, you must keep this fruit from the fruit wrappings and save it in a cool and away from moisture, since this citrus fruit will tend to get yeast infections if stored at moist room temperature  for a week or more.

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