Things about Onion Nutrition Facts Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You

What are onion nutrition facts? It becomes a common question about the onion. Many people consume onion to be seasonings. But, it saves magical benefits and nutrition to the body health. The reasons convince people and WHO to support onion in increasing body health and appetite. It is also useful to prevent some diseases. To know closer about onion, here are some facts about onion nutrition facts and benefits.

Onion Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Onion Nutrition Facts Preventing Serious Diseases

Onion is rich of sulfide substances having function to protect body cells for the growth and development of tumor. It means that nutrition content on onion can prevent cancer and tumor. The onion also reduces the risk of hypertension. Onion nutrition facts also has with a certain substance called allicin. It is useful to keep up flexibility of blood vessel and keep the blood pressure normal.

It is also good to guard body from allergy, because onion nutrition facts has quercetin and antioxidant on its content for anti-inflammation and anti allergy. According to the National Onion Association the body from people who ate onion is absorbed quercetin twice as much than people who drank tea and three time as much than people who ate apples.

Onion Nutrition Facts Keeping Body Health

Another health benefits of onion nutrition facts is great to keep body health. It is able to control blood glucose level. By consuming onion you can decrease the level of blood glucose. It is also has allyl-propil disulfide and chromium for helping to increase insulin production. Insulin is a kind of hormone assisting the body absorption of cells and glucose.

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Since it is beneficial to prevent coronary thrombosis because onion has substances to restrain it. Its also supports the digestive system. It is has food fiber and prebiotic to encourage the development of beneficial bacteria and digestive system. Onion nutrition facts can watch over the brain health.

Onion nutrition facts has so many vitamins B complex like pyridoxine, folat, pantotenat acids and thiamin being important nutrition facts for brain to prevent neurological disturbances.

It strengthens bones because onion containing with calcium, phosphor, mineral and magnesium. Sulfur contained in onion has a function to form cells and gland connector. The other onion nutrition facts are good to immune system due to rich of vitamin C, antioxidant and quercetin.

Some Substances in Onion Nutrition Facts

Onion has another advantages to include in disease treatment. It is able to cure many kinds of diseases. To convince on consuming onion, here are some onion nutrition facts. Based on 100 gram of onion It has 166 kJ of energy to meet daily energy needs. You should not get worried about carbohydrate containing 9.34 gram. It also has 4.24 gram of sugar, 1.7 gram of dietary fiber, 0.1 gram of fat and 1.1 gram of protein.

The other substances are water, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, panothenic acid, folate, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc. It also has some kinds of vitamin like vitamin B6, C, A and B1. When you consume onion nutrition facts, you will get the benefits from phosphorus 29 gram, potassium 146 mg and 1.1 mg of fluoride to keep body health and immune system.

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Onion nutrition facts has high antioxidant level that is beneficial to fight for free radical which is being one of cancer causes. If you want to be healthier all the time, do not forget to include onion in your meals. The content of folat in onion can decrease the excess of homosistein to circulate nutrition reaching to brain organ. The fat level in onion is great to prevent coronary thrombosis and keeps the heart condition healthily.