Secrets About Olive Garden Nutrition Facts the Government Is Hiding

When delicious Italian food beckons, Olive Garden is a popular choice to satisfy those cravings. Most Italian dishes don’t fall into the low-calorie/low-fat food category. If you’re watching your diet but still want to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden, you can do so by becoming familiar with Olive Garden nutrition facts.

Nutrition information from Olive Garden nutrition facts restaurants helps you make the meal choice that’s best for your health, while allowing you to enjoy your Italian dinner.

Olive Garden Nutrition Facts : Cooking Methods

Olive Garden nutrition facts is willing to accommodate your nutrition needs by altering the cooking methods wherever possible. Meat, vegetables and appetizers that are typically fried automatically contain a lot more calories due to the fat they’re cooked in. Instead, ask to have your food sauteed in broth or grilled. Both options can cut hundreds of calories off your menu selections and contribute toward a healthier meal.

Olive Garden Nutrition Facts : Garden Fare Menu

Olive Garden nutrition facts is aware that the nutrition facts needs of some patrons. It will prevent them from visiting the restaurant if healthier options aren’t offered. As a result, the restaurant offers their Garden Fare menu. Garden Fare menu options are marked with an olive branch symbol. And also list the calorie and fat content of each selection. Be sure to read through the menu options and choose your meal wisely. Just because an item is on the Garden Fare menu doesn’t mean thisĀ Olive Garden nutrition facts menu is low-calorie. It simply means it’s a lower calorie option when compared to the rest of the menu.

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Olive Garden Nutrition Facts : Pare Down the Calories

Olive Garden is famous for their breadsticks and house dressing. But you can save a lot of calories and fat if you skip both. A serving of bread sticks on this Olive Garden nutrition facts contains 150 calories. Which might not sound like a lot. But eating them can fill you up and prevent you from eating something with better nutrition facts. The Endless Salad Bowl with house dressing sounds like a healthy option. And it is if you remove the house dressing, which packs a wholloping 26 grams of fat.

Olive Garden Nutrition Facts : Things to Avoid

According to Olive Garden nutrition facts you can greatly reduce your fat. And calorie intake by choosing pasta dishes with tomato based sauces. Instead of creamy or butter-based sauce. Choose lean protein, such as chicken, fish or seafood, to help create a healthier meal.

Olive Garden nutrition facts allows you to enjoy your dinner out while sticking to your healthy eating plan. To avoid temptation, you can look at the menu online and make your selections before you arrive. That way you won’t be steer off-course by something that looks tempting but packs a lot of calories and fat.