Olive Garden Menu – Authentic and Fine Italian Dining

Would you like to try some genuine Italian food? If you are searching for an authentic and fine Italian dining experience,  the Olive Garden Restaurant would be your perfect match. With great features like a warm family ambiance, wonderful service and authentic Italian-American food, Olive garden is a place you just can’t resist. Find out how!

Olive Garden Food, Wine and Dessert Menu

At Olive Garden menu, you can have a unique dinning experience with the variety of dishes available in the food menu. To begin with you can have the delightful Chicken and Gnocchi soup, prepared with conventional Italian dumplings, spinach and roasted chicken. For something traditional and simple, there are variety of pizzas. You can also create your own pizza, choosing  from roma tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, Italian sausage, onions, pepperoni and bell peppers.

If pasta is what you crave for, then go for the Eggplant Parmigiana which is amongst the popular menu items. This pasta is prepared with softly breaded eggplant and topped with marinara sauce and parmesan sauce before being fried, and is served on a spaghetti bed.If you’re looking for seafood on the menu, then Olive Garden offers you the Capellini di Mare which can enchant your taste.

If you are enamored with wines, I bet you will love the different wines on Olive Garden’s wine menu. There are a variety of wines to linger your taste. Red wines like Chianti Classico, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot are one of the best ones offered. If you prefer sweeter styles, Riesling and White Zinfandel go with all the food items.

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Now, if you are thinking about some refreshing desserts, you should go for the delicious Triple Chocolate Strata.  This one will take you to cloud nine if you are a Chocolate lover. Also, you can go for the refreshing, Warm Apple Crostata comprises of sliced apples, caramelized almond biscotti crush baked on the peak of a particular shortbread cookie layer and rich vanilla cream. This appetizing warm dish comes with delicious vanilla ice cream!

Olive Garden Customer Service

The Staff at Olive Garden has a natural instinct in the way they attend the concerns of the guests and their needs as well. They are helpful, courteous and simultaneously maintain a professional service. The chefs at Olive garden obtain their training from the Culinary Institute of Tuscany. Utilization of fresh and fine ingredients is one aspect; and to have a professional and significantly trained team of people is another. The good thing is , at Olive Garden, you get both. The manner in which the servers look after the guests is very considerate. If something is absent on the table, the servers replace it with a favorable alternative from the menu.

‘Family Concept’ at Olive Garden

Olive Garden menu distinct from others in its ‘Family Concept’. This concept makes it more service oriented than its competitors. The Family Concept includes simple and friendly acts in the service provided by the staff. It symbolizes family-oriented service that the restaurant prospers on. With the staff’s friendly treatment, the patrons feel the genuine desire of Olive Garden to make them feel at Home. Olive Garden is a place where you can be with your family and have a fine dinning experience  at an Italian restaurant!

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Most of the fine dining restaurants come at a price which is hard on your pocket. However, with Olive Garden coupons, you can have your favorite dish on the Olive Garden’s menu at a nominal price. You can nearly have a 10% off on the dish which you love, when you use these coupons. You can share some amazing Appetizers with children too. One of these is the Caprese flatbread, which is offered just a bit above $6. So, you can see that the restaurant has a menu with reasonably prices, which can fit your budget easily. So with all these features in your favor along with your favorite items on the menu, Olive Garden menu will give you the best, authentic and delightful dining experience of life!

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