Olive Garden Menu Nutritional Information

Olive Garden is an American chain restaurant which serves tempting Italian cuisine. Olive Garden not only offers taste and variety to its food loving customers. Olive Garden has a menu which caters to special needs of each visitor. If you are suffering from specific food allergy or if you are on a diet, Olive Garden will still have food that will satisfy your needs. Yet you need to be careful about the choices you make at Olive Garden. Here are the nutrition facts about food served in Olive Garden Menu. If you become aware of the nutritional information of Olive Garden Menu items, you can choose your dishes wisely the next time you visit Olive Garden.

Low Calorie Menu Items at Olive Garden

If you consume more calories than you use up, it can lead to health problems. If you select low calorie foods from the Olive Garden Menu, it can prevent you from adding on those extra calories. You can go for Ravioli di Portobello which has 670 calories. It is a better option when compared to Spaghetti with Italian Sausage which has nearly double the calories. Herb Grilled Salmon has just 510 calories. It is much healthier than Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara which has 1,440 calories in it.

Low Fat alternatives at Olive Garden

If you wish to eat food which has low fat content, you can choose the Linguine alla Marinara from the Olive Garden Menu. It is Garden Fare pasta with a blend of onions, tomatoes and herbs. It contains 430 calories. The fat content in it is 6g of which only 1g is saturated fat. It contains 76g carbohydrates and 900mg sodium.

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You can also try the Venetian Apricot Chicken at Olive Garden. You will love this grilled chicken bathed in apricot citrus sauce. Usually it is served with asparagus, broccoli and diced tomatoes. It contains 380 calories. It is a low fat entrée as it has just 4g fat of which 1.5g is saturated fat. The sodium content is 1420mg and carbohydrate content is 32g.

Low Carbohydrate dishes at Olive Garden

If you wish to eat some low carbohydrate dish at Olive Garden, you must have the Mussels di Napoli. The Mussels di Napoli is a low carbohydrate dish which has 180 calories and just 13g of carbohydrates. The dish has 8g fat and 4g saturated fat. Sodium content in it is 1770mg.

Herb Grilled Salmon is yet another low carbohydrate alternative. It tastes great with Italian herbs and olive oil. The dish is served together with broccoli. It has 510 calories while just 5g carbohydrates. It has 26g fat and 6g saturated fat. The sodium content of this dish is 760mg.

Olive Garden Dishes which are rich in fiber

An adult woman should have a daily intake of roughly 25g fiber while a man should consume 35g fiber daily. While choosing dishes rich in fiber from Olive Garden, you also need to keep a check on the calorie count. You can have the Capellini Pomodoro which has 19g fiber or the Shrimp Primavera which has 14g fiber. Each of these is healthy options and won’t affect your diet adversely.

Gluten Free Menu at Olive Garden

Olive Garden also has a Gluten Free menu for its customers with gluten allergy. There are many delicious alternatives in the gluten free menu too. The Pennine Rigate with Marinara, the Mixed Grill and the Steak Toscano are some of the common healthy alternatives in Olive Garden’s Gluten Free Menu. The calorie count of each of these dishes falls below 600 calories.

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Just by making wise choices, you can enjoy eating healthy delicious food at Olive Garden.

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