Olive Garden Bruschetta Calories

Many Dishes in the Olive Garden menu, rely on creams for the flavor, but the bruschetta tomato based topping is low in fat as compared to some other appetizer options. However, you should note that the toasted slices of ciabatta are brushed with olive oil before they are grilled, which adds some calories. So to keep the bruschetta healthy and light, avoid adding fats and calories from Alfredo dipping sauce or extra grated parmesan. When you order bruschetta as an appetizer, make a point to share it with your family members or friends to split the calories.

Weight Watchers gives 12 points to Olive Garden Bruschetta and also indicates that it is a good resource of Protein.

Other Healthy Appetizers at Olive Garden

Apart from bruschetta, there are many other low-calorie and low-fact appetizers available at Olive Garden such as the vegetable minestrone soup , which has just 1 g of total fat and 100 calories in a cup. The chicken & gnocchi soup has 8 g of total fat  & 250 calories and is made with spinach, dumplings and roasted chicken.

The stuffed mushrooms at Olive Garden have fewer carbs and calories than bruschetta. They are filled with breadcrumbs, clams, herbs, and three types of cheese, and contain 15 g of carbs and 280 calories. However, they do have more total fat content.

Olive Garden’s a very popular Italian-American chain of restaurants with locations all over the United States. Darden Restaurants, a restaurant company which has its headquarters in Orlando, is the owner of Olive Garden. Olive Garden serves delicious Italian-American food which includes steaks, salads and pasta dishes. Olive Garden Soups are fresh in every location daily. They don’t import the soups from an outside vendor or commissary.

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