If You Read One Article About Nutritional Value of Corn Read this One

Before we talk about nutritional value of corn first off all we must know what are corn really is. Among all the versatile products that are grown in different parts of the world, corn is called the golden food. This is also called as vegetable maize but only in America. Corn had its ancestors in America hundreds years ago. Native Americans introduced this amazing maize to the world. Later on the English people changed the name and nowadays it is still named as Corn. Basically the corn was a word that was used to denote small particles or grains so the people called it a vegetable with small grains that is Corn.

Types of corn:

The varieties of corn are divided into three types which are as following

  • Sweet corn
  • Dent corn
  • Flint corn

Now what is the difference nutritional value of corn between these three varieties? Let’s find out. Sweet corn is a type that is eaten all over the world and is used in many dishes. It is easily found in superstores, grocery markets and local shops. The second type is dent corn that is used by animals as food. The last one is flint corn that is used to make popcorns. All of the three types are used to make sweeteners, corn oil and corn-flour and even used in the manufacturing of plastic.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Nutritional Value of Corn:

Nutritional value of corn has made it popular in the people who want to remain healthy and fit till their old age. The health effects of corn nutrition facts are the highest among all the staple foods and its calcium content is more than 300 mg per 100 g which is higher than dairy products. Vitamin content which is found in corn is highest among wheat and rice.

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Nutritional Value of Corn Health Benefits

The benefits that are related to health are so much that nutritional value of corn is difficult to discuss all of them in details here. So important of them are include in the list. The benefits are listed below:

  • Nutritional value of corn controls diabetes
  • It prevents heart problems
  • It is use to lower hypertension
  • At the time of birth, nutritional value of corn prevents the neural tube defects
  • It prevents constipation

Others Benefits Of Nutritional Value of Corn

Corn is most popular maize among all the staple foods in almost all of the countries of the world. Nutritional value of corn not only provides necessary calories for a better metabolism but also contains vitamins A, E, B and many more minerals.

  • A source of calories: among all the staple products, the nutritional value of corn is a maize product that has the highest calorie content which is 342 calories per 100 g.
  • To prevent colorectal cancer: the highest fiber content in one cup of nutritional value of corn which is 18.4% is best for prevention of cancer especially in colorectal cancer
  • Hemorrhoids and constipation: the high fiber content that found on nutritional value of corn also supports the body to prevent hemorrhoids and constipation chance.
  • High content of vitamins: the vitamin B which is found in nutritional value of corn and Thiamin and Niacin which are necessary for nerve functions are found in high quantities in corn. Diarrhea, dementia and dermatitis are the diseases of malnourished people and the corn fulfills the deficiencies. Vitamin E is best antioxidant and it is richly found in nutritional value of corn.
  • Anemia prevention: the folic acid and vitamin B12 in nutritional value of corn prevents anemia and deficiency of bold hemoglobin levels.
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Corn is a product that is a food essential and it must be present in diet of any person. Nutritional value of corn is an amazing diet full of fibers, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.