Nutritional Value of Bananas for Our Body

There are many people who do not know the nutritional value of bananas. This fruit can found easily in various places in the world. Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador are among the main banana-producing countries. Bananas are source of energy, it contains much carbohydrates. A research states that 100 grams banana contains 22.84 grams of carbohydrate. Sportsmen consume bananas to replenish their energy during the game break. They will get more energy to continue the game. Bananas also contain some vitamins, such as vitamin C and B6. Both vitamins are very good for our health. The nutritional value of bananas is mostly good for our health.

Nutritional Value of Bananas – More Natural Values

Other nutritional value of bananas is that they contain some mineral that are useful for our body. Potassium is one of useful minerals found in bananas. The function of this mineral is to control the blood pressure. This mineral is also useful for decreasing the high blood pressure. It means that bananas are a fruit that is good for people having problem with their high blood pressure. One banana in medium size contains 467 of potassium. Calcium is also can be found in bananas. This substance is very important for our strong bones and teeth. Due to this nutritional value of bananas, most baby foods are made of this fruit.

Nutritional Value of Bananas – Support Our Health

In facts, calories are also other nutritional value of bananas. So this substance is good for weight problem. It is recommend that people with obesity consumes this fruit. Consuming small amount of this fruit can give full sensation. With all other good substances in this fruit, people with obesity can get the nutrition they need without consuming various foods.  Furthermore iron, magnesium, selenium, fluoride, water and other useful substance in tiny quantity also found in bananas. Nutritional value of bananas has their own function that almost all are good for our body and our health.

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