Nutritional Facts Subway: Healthiest Fast Food

Subway is a brand for fast food like the sandwich, salad, quick breakfast, and drinks. Subway can be ordered right away just like fast food but is healthier and more nutritious than typical fast food. Nutritional facts Subway claims are said to be compatible to be integrated with the diet program. There are several menus provided by Subway, and all of them can be ordered right away from the nearest Subway branch. Since Subway opens an opportunity for those who are interested in opening franchise, there are many Subway branches in several states. Here are the menu along with the nutrition it has.

Nutritional Facts Subway: Healthiest Fast Food


One of the main dishes from Subway is its famous sandwich. There is various sandwich offered by Subway. They offer Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken and Bacon, Cold Cut Trio, Egg Mayo, Italian BMT, and many filling from beef to seafood as well as sandwich for Vegetarian, Veggie Delite and Veggie Patty. For 6 inches sandwiches contain 200-400 kcal energy, 10-20 gram of protein, the little fat in veggie, chicken, and tuna sandwich during moderate fat for Italian sandwich with extra cheese filling. For the smaller sandwich, which is usually around 3 inches, the nutritional facts Subway provide has less calorie and protein and is good for snack.


Healthier and lighter meal from Subway is the salad. Subway offers various fresh and crunchy salads that can be delivered right to your home. The variant of salad from Subway is the cold cut trio, marinara melt, salad with roasted chicken breast, salad and cheese, Subway Club, Subway Melt, and much more. Salad can be ordered along with the sandwich or separately. The nutritional facts Subway salad is, of course, less than a sandwich and pretty much fits well for the diet program. The salad is zero to low in fat with almost none cholesterol which is pretty healthy.

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