Good Nutritional Facts of Bananas

Have you ever searched for nutritional facts of bananas? You might get surprised with the result. They are the great source of different vitamins and minerals and with that they also have very low glycemic rating. This means that they have very low impact on level of blood sugar. They also contain lots of soluble fiber that helps to come out of bad cholesterol problem. Most important vitamin and nutrients that banana contains. It is also very popular in giving preference to health diet. Generally, all foods have got a potential that plays their role in our diet. Many people are prescribed bananas as a remedy that can improve and maintain regular health. Kindly find the list of nutritional facts of bananas have:

Nutritional Facts of Bananas

  1. Nutritional facts of bananas contains great amount of potassium, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin and zinc. These are the most important facts about having banana.
  2. They never contain sodium, cholesterol or fat.
  3. Vitamin C available in nutritional facts of bananas helps in protecting infections.
  4. Potassium available in banana can help in reducing the risk of apoplectic attack.
  5. Another fact that banana nutrition facts are completely free from sodium and they are rich in potassium makes it an excellent remedy to reduce high blood pressure.
  6. Banana has also got three natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose.
  7. Nutritional facts of bananas also contains fiber.
  8. If you are facing with blood sugar problem then you should surely eat banana in numbers.
  9. You should never take nutritional facts of bananas for potassium, it is always there in that but they are not available in good amount and in other fruits and vegetables.
  10. If you are facing blood sugar problem then you should not eat nutritional facts of bananas on an empty stomach.
  11. You can also combine this with little bit of protein, this can help you to normalize the amount of insulin.
  12. If is also very good to have green-tipped bananas and they are always better for the health then other over-ripe bananas.
  13. Even nutritional facts of bananas are also the best surrogate for other sweet things; they can provide you so called pleasure hormones.
  14. If you have a medium sized banana, you can get 100 calories and large sized banana then you can get 125 calories from nutritional facts of bananas.
  15. Nutritional facts of bananas are the best food that can help you to lose weight. They can also guarantee you sense of fullness and provide you energy as well.
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So, bananas can be a very good health product. All doctors are now praising different aspect that involves nutritional facts of bananas. You can eat them any time and in any quantity. It is also very useful for children but with that you should provide sufficient food to them. Try to change your favorite sweet to banana time to time. This can give you good health benefit. Try to make it as a regular supplement for you and your child. Keep it a habit of having as everyday meal. Tell your friends and family about the same and always try to go for fresh nutritional facts of bananas only.

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