Nutrition Subway Bread: Great Snack Options For The Health-Conscious

Subway breads is an American fast-food chain that is famous for their healthy menu which consists of mostly salads and sandwiches. Although the words healthy and fast-food nutrition facts don’t always go together, Subway is one of the few fast-food restaurants which offer healthy snack options. Subway sandwiches, probably the most ordered food in their menu, are not only well-known for their exciting fillings but also for the delicious nutrition Subway bread.

Ten Kind Nutrition Subway Bread

Aside from the wraps, the light wheat English muffin, the mini Italian bread, and the mini wheat bread, nutrition Subway bread has ten other kinds of sandwich breads. Subway sandwich breads are available in two sizes—12-inch and 6-inch. The nine different kinds of Subway sandwich breads include nine-grain wheat, honey oat, sourdough, Monterey cheddar, hearty Italian, roasted garlic, white Italian, Italian herbs and cheese, and flatbread.

Each nutrition subway bread sandwich is said to be prepared using freshly baked bread. Since Subway is a restaurant known for its healthy mantra, all breads from Subway nutrition facts contain zero trans-fat and minimum to no cholesterol. Subway sandwich breads also contain a variety of nutrients.

Nutrition Subway Bread Calorie Content

The calorie contents of Subway’s 6-inch breads range from 140 to 260. A portion of white Italian bread and sourdough bread both contains 200 calories each. A nine-grain wheat bread serving has 210 calories, the same goes for a serving of hearty Italian bread. Meanwhile, parmesan oregano bread contains 220 calories. Both roasted garlic and flatbread contains 230 calories. There are 240 calories per serving of Monterey cheddar breads. Italian herbs and cheese, on the other hand, has 250 calories each portion. A serving of honey oat bread, meanwhile, contains 260 calories. The calorie contents are twice as much for 12-inch sandwiches.

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Nutrition Subway Bread Fat Content

The fat contents of Subway’s 6-inch breads are minimal with the highest being 6 grams and the lowest being 2 grams. Monterey cheddar nutrition Subway bread contain the highest amounts of fat (6g), while white Italian and nine-grain wheat breads contain the lowest (2g). Parmesan oregano, roasted garlic, and hearty Italian breads have 2.5 grams of fat, while honey oat and sourdough breads contain 3 grams. Meanwhile, Italian herbs and cheese bread has 5 grams of fat.

All nutrition Subway bread contain protein, iron, calcium, and carbohydrates—all in different amounts. Some kinds contain Vitamin A such as Italian herbs and cheese and Monterey cheddar. Roasted garlic, in particular, has Vitamin C contents.

Although nutrition Subway bread differ in nutritional value, all of them are considered healthy. It’s really no mystery why Subway is among-st the top fast-food restaurants in the country. Their food choices, including their bread, are not only healthy, they are tasty as well.

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