Eating Fresh With Nutrition Information For Subway

Obesity has become a major concern and media coverage has raised public awareness. Subway responded and created a great advertising campaign for eating fresh. They came forth with a menu that concentrated on eating right. The nutrition information for Subway menu includes healthier sandwiches, salads, and wraps that focus on eating lighter and healthier.

Nutrition Information for Subway Are on Their Websites

Nutrition information for Subway food items is posted on their website. The information includes serving size grams, calories, calories from fat, saturated fat, and trans fats to name the first categories. However, there are other categories that are important like carbohydrates, sugars, protein, cholesterol and fiber. Subway nutrition does add statistics for vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Sodium statistics are also included. This subway nutritional information helps the consumer choose the right meal with the right subway nutrition facts for his or her situation.

Nutrition Information for Subway Menu

The nutrition information for Subway menu is broken down into sandwiches that contain 6 grams of fat or less and those that are higher. The serving size for each item is 6” long. The meatball sandwich is popular but one that contains the most calories. This does not contain the most saturated fat though because at 9 grams it is not the highest. It has the highest fiber content at 9 grams. It contains the highest number of carbohydrates at 70 grams. The cholesterol is 45 grams and ranks toward the middle of the list. Now, when looking at this nutrition information for Subway, it helps a person decide if this would be the best choice for a meal.

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Nutrition Information for Subway is Depend on Customer

Depending on what area the consumer is focus on, the nutrition information for Subway tells a person what they can have and what they need to avoid. For instance, a person looking at minimizing their fat intake may not choose this sandwich. However, the sandwich menu with items 6 grams of fat or less may have just what is need. Every item on this nutrition information for Subway menu is under 6 grams of fat and are all under 400 calories. No trans fats are include in the items on this menu. The chicken has the highest amount of protein at 26 grams.

Nutrition information for Subway Salad

The salads are all under 150 calories and all but one less than 50 grams of cholesterol. Another important feature for the Subway menu are the bread choices. There are more than ten choices for bread and that includes the 9-grain wheat bread. This nutrition information for Subway has definitely contribute to the public awareness of eating healthier. And makes it possible for them to take a proactive position with the knowledge to make right choices.

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