Nutrition Facts Vodka: Calories, Carb, and Nutrition Facts

Diet requires you to cut some of foods and drinks that can elevate your body fat. Does that mean you can’t have fun with vodka anymore? Well, cheer up! Because sticking to your diet does not mean you can’t have a little fun! Truth be told, nutrition facts vodka shows that the drink is the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages overall and ha zero carbs. Perhaps that is why many dieters, who are on a low-carb diet, choose not to cut drinking vodka. But still, you need to watch out, because drinking too overly much can cause you otherwise.

The Overview of Nutrition Facts Vodka

A small glass of vodka is called shot. In a single shot, contains 40 proof vodka. Remember that “proof” is a number that indicates the percent of alcohol in the liquor. It is said that the higher the proof, the higher the calorie count. Here are the nutrition facts vodka count by proof.

  • 70 proof vodka is equal to 85 calories
  • 80 proof vodka is equal to 96 calories
  • 90 proof vodka is equal to 110 calories
  • 100 proof vodka is equal to 124 calories.

Carbs on vodka are zero. Alcoholic beverages like vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin contain pure alcohol which makes them zero carbs drink. This may seem impossible knowing that they were made of carb-rich food such as wheat or potatoes. In fact, the carbs have been removed when they were fermented and distilled.

Nutrition facts vodka is pretty much ethanol and water. Those are the only contents of vodka because vodka has no nutritional value. This is why it is an optimal choice for dieters because vodka contains no sugar, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, fat, sodium, vitamins or minerals. Then, where does the calorie come from? Well, the calorie comes from the pure alcohol of vodka. That is all that you have to know.

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