Why Nutrition Facts Rice is Sexy

The thing about a proper diet is that you have to know how to regulate your food. This comes with wanting to lose weight as well, and that means that you have to know how to count calories. This can be a bummer because sometimes you just want that good meal to go with a bad day. However, this does not mean you have to stop looking for great food. Maybe replace those mashed potatoes with rice? But, how much do you know about rice? Maybe you should look up nutrition facts rice just in case.

Nutrition Facts Rice

Of course before you jump into a new type of food, you have to know everything about it. Everything from how it can be cooked the healthiest and how much calories is in it. So here’s a rundown of nutrition facts rice.

  • White rice: 169 calories, 36.98 carbohydrates
  • Parboiled rice: 172 calories, 37.8 carbohydrates
  • Brown rice: 171 calories, 35.72

Now that is a quick rundown of just three varieties of nutrition facts rice. There are many more types out there, and there are so much more on the menu to consider. What matters here is that you have a grasp of how much you might want to put in. however, you have to take into consideration the many things that rice can be beneficial for. It’s been used by many cultures, and it’s high time you try rice out. So beyond rice nutrition facts, here are some of the best benefits of rice nutrition.

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Low in a lot of things

Rice is low on a lot of nutrition facts rice. It has little fat, low salt, and no cholesterol. In tandem with low sugar, you can also expect that it also has low sodium. This means that even those with hyper tension can enjoy a meal with rice. It’s also low on sugar, so there’s something to think about.

Easy energy

If there is one thing that fitness nuts want the most, it’s a food with high energy and low fat. Nutrition facts rice is a fast means to get that. It has a fairly decent carbohydrate rating, no matter what type. And you know for a fact that carbohydrates are broken down to glucose, which is needed by your brain and your exercise routine.

So there you have it, nutrition facts rice. If ever you want to try something new in the diet, then make an effort to find some at your mall!

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