How Did Nutrition Facts Quinoa Become the Best? Find Out.

Do you ever heard about super food? Quinoa is one of them, it was an Inca’s food, it adapted to this latest technology of dietary foods. Does Quinoa have the best nutrition? Here are some nutrition facts quinoa that most people often heard. In general, quinoa is one kind of a seed, not grain and its habitat is in Andes Mountains South Africa. It grows on 10000 feet high and Inca’s always consumed it for their everyday meals.

Super food Called Nutrition Facts Quinoa

Nutrition facts quinoa are so many and it is pretty delicious culinary that almost people like it. When you eat it for a cup a day, you will get the benefits:

  1. You get 200 calories with 70 % carbs, 15% fat and 15% protein
  2. You get 40 gr carbohydrate
  3. 8 gr protein
  4. 3 gr fat
  5. Blood sugar or glycemic only 18
  6. 5 gr fiber
  7. 20% folate and vit. B
  8. 30%  magnesium, phospor, iron, copper and manganese

Nutrition facts quinoa also have all the essential amino acids so that quinoa also called as mother of all grains. If you are a vegetarian, quinoa is good for diet because consist the dietary fiber and have many vitamins, minerals and protein at one product. Quinoa have it all, any food combining can be done just by consuming this nutrition facts quinoa.

Nutrition Facts Quinoa protein that you should know

Nutrition facts quinoa protein is plant seeds in group of the grass plants which was grown in the Andes Mountains of South America. Quinoa seeds are usually call the most nutritious grains vegetables. Grain of quinoa is very good and healthy for those who are vegetarians,doing the diet and cholesterol reduction process. Because nutrition facts quinoa protein is a high protein, gluten-free and low cholesterol.

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The vegetarians who are often replace rice into grain will also like to use this nutrition facts quinoa as food variations. Quinoa seeds which contain all the amino acids makes it as complete package of protein for the lovers of seeds. However, quinoa nutrition facts protein which contains high protein still have a fat inside. When Quinoa seeds have been cooked, each one cup will contain 3.5 grams of fat (no saturated fat). The vegetarians do not have to worry because the fat of nutrition facts quinoa is just a little fat that are need by our body.

Another nutrition facts quinoa protein is Quinoa has small round seeds with rough texture. This grain already consumption since 4000 years ago which contains many essential acids lysine, calcium, phosphorus and iron. If you want to buy this quinoa seeds, it can be easily found at big supermarkets with characteristics mentioned above. Then, lets enjoy the rich protein of nutrition facts quinoa!

Consume Quinoa Raw? How are the Nutrition Facts?

Not all raw foods will good for you. But, it is different to quinoa, it can be cooked as grains or it can be eaten for raw. This seed of quinoa growth for the first time in Latin America and this food provides the best benefits of dietary foods and plan. Nutrition facts quinoa raw can you find in below explanation.

All you need to consume nutrition facts quinoa raw is doing these things:

  1. Do some preparation, some of quinoa lovers will sprout their nutrition facts quinoa by softening it just like beans and grains with blend it will release best enzymes for helps protein and carbohydrate work better for your digestion process.
  2. Consider that your nutrition facts quinoa raw will consume by rinse it thoroughly, let the saponin or the outer of quinoa cleared and place it in cool water for a night and in the morning you will see the soft texture of quinoa and you can consume it directly.
  3. Take an attention for the nutrition facts quinoa raw, because a half cup of quinoa gives you 300 calories, 5 g fats, 6 gr fiber and 12 gr protein. Once the quinoa is complete, your body will produce amino acids because the body cannot produce amount of ideal. You get the vitamin B, Vitamin B6, 15 % riboflavin, and 39 % of folate. Calsium, potassium, , magnesium, manganese and copper. And nutrition facts quinoa is also have for zync and phospor.’
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When it is Cooked, Quinoa Still Have the Nutrition?

In United States, quinoa is new, most of people do not know about this food yet. But for some peoples, they already know and find the best way to consume the nutrition facts quinoa. Actually quinoa already used since 4000 years ago and nowadays people trying to consume it as daily meal such as the nutrition facts quinoa cooked like the ancient tribe Inca’s did. The civilization of Inca began consume quinoa because they thought that this was a grains plants also. But, it is closer to beet and spinach family for sure.

When nutrition facts quinoa cooked being consume, there are few things and benefits of consuming it all:

  1. You will get enough carbohydrate and fiber, because when you consume a cup of nutrition facts quinoa a day, you will supply your body need of 200 calories and 39 mg carbohydrates, which is good for fiber 5 mg and it can replace the nutrition of pasta, rice and potatoes.
  2. Nutrition facts quinoa cooked also provide a complete protein and amino acid of lysine; it contains 8 mg protein, which can replace a glass of milk, 3 mg per serving, replacing pasta and rice.
  3. You will get the best fats ever, quality of the fats in nutrition facts quinoa is 3.6 mg but do not contain cholesterol and this is a healthy dietary fiber.

When you consume the nutrition facts quinoa cooked, you will get vitamin that contains Vit. B Thiamine, riboflavin and folate. Vit C and A also needed for the metabolism.

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Healthy life with nutrition facts quinoa fiber

Generally when we are on diet, we usually replace the main food such as rice into foods rich in fiber such as wheat-protein and grains. Quinoa seeds are a good solution for those who want variety of food. Nutrition facts quinoa fiber proven that fiber  is good for health because it has natural fiber and  it’s very good for daily consumption to increase daily fiber in the body.

Nutrition facts quinoa fiber also helps to aid digestion and waste disposal dispose of waste in the body. Unconsciously, we often incorporate foods that increase obesity and give rise to many diseases. This quinoa will help for weight loss significantly, because the fibers that  contained in quinoa nutrition facts. With a healthy foods will help us easily get a healthy body.

Nowadaysnutrition facts quinoa fiber has been likely by many people. Not only those who are the vegetarians and people with high cholesterol. Quinoa attracts people to start a healthy lifestyle with offering the high nutritional of fiber. They combine and mixing Quinoa into their daily foods. Since now many chef make a lot of healthy recipes that contains nutrition facts quinoa with delicious taste just like the other foods.

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