The Nutrition Facts Quinoa: What’s On Quinoa?

It has been known that Quinoa is the best-recommended product for you who are looking for the high protein food. There are some benefits that you can take from consuming Quinoa foods. First, Quinoa as the natural food will help you to fight against any disease. Second, for the high fiber Quinoa will help you to reduce some possibility of diabetes risk. Third, based on nutrition facts Quinoa, it also can be used as the prevention of cancer. Fourth, the most popular benefit is Quinoa will help you in losing your excess weight. Fifth, it also has the function in reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Nutrition Facts of Quinoa

After knowing the benefit of consuming Quinoa, you have to find out more details about the nutrition facts Quinoa. It has rich nutrition which is worth for your health. Here are the details:


In each serving amounts of 185 gram, Quinoa has rich vitamins. There are 9.3 IU of Vitamin A, 1.2 mg of vitamin E, 0.2 mg of thiamin and riboflavin, 0.8 mg of niacin, and also 77.7 mcg of folate.

Fats and Fatty Acids

For the total fat in each serving of Quinoa, there is the only 3.6 gram of total fat. It is from saturated fat which is 0.4 gram, the monounsaturated fat which is 2 gram, and also 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat. Also, there is also Omega-3, and Omega-6 Fatty Acids contained in each serving of Quinoa.

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For the most concern in nutrition facts, Quinoa is its calories. There is 222 kcal of calories in each 1855 grams of Quinoa. This amount of calories is also formed 157 kcal from carbohydrate, 32 kcal from fat, and 32 kcal from protein. There are no alcohol calories since it does not contain alcohol.


In each serving of Quinoa, there is 8 grams of protein which covered 16% from your protein need in a day.

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