Nutrition Facts Peanut Butter Indicate It’s Good for You

There is much evidence that peanut butter, in natural form, is helpful to people in a balanced diet. Everyone requires healthy fat, not saturated nor trans fat, that are provided by nuts. Among other nutrition facts peanut butter that can contribute to health is the fact that the food is a good source for vitamins, minerals and protein, and even the sodium in moderation is helpful for regulation of blood metabolism (in its fundamental essence, peanut butter is made up of raw peanuts and salt). The cream is a good source of folate, or vitamin B folic acid, nutrition facts peanut butter is helpful in reducing risks for cardiac disease or birth defects.

Cool Nutrition Facts Peanut Butter

If one wants the best form of healthy peanut butter, nutrition facts peanut butter state that organic versions beat out store-bought mass-produced cream hands down. That is one way to ensure that the fat contained in the product. It is going to be mostly or completely monounsaturated, instead of the bad kind. This is key to lowering cardio vascular disease when adding nutrition facts peanut butter to the diet. It’s also helpful to check the nutrition facts label to see if the product indicates other expected nutrients are in the food. Such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, niacin, vitamin E, and other ingredients.

Other fun nutrition facts peanut butter include the tidbit. That in order to create an 18 ounce can or jar of cream. 850 peanuts have to be crushed and processed. In fact, about half of the entire crop of peanuts grown on American farms are involve in the manufacturing of peanut butter. It’s also than established since the late 90s that peanut butter can be as effective in lowering blood cholesterol. As other “healthy” items such as olive oil (according to studies by the American Journal of clinical nutrition). Again, buying natural versions of the cream in the organic section of the grocery store. This is the best way to optimize the nutrition facts peanut butter.

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