Nutrition Facts of Vodka

Consuming alcohol beverage becomes a common habit for some people. There are several kinds of alcohol drinks such as whiskey, wine, vodka, and others. Vodka is one of the people’s favorite alcohol beverages. The vodka itself categorized to several things as well. For the vodka lovers, understanding about nutrition facts of vodka is truly important to manage your daily consumption, particularly for people who are on a diet. Vodka is made of ethanol and water. However, the traditional vodka typically made of fermented cereal grains such as rye, corn, wheat, or sorghum using standard distillation process. Nonetheless, some ingredients such as rice, molasses, grapes, soybeans, sugar beets, or potatoes can turn into vodka as well. Speaking about nutrition facts of vodka here are the most nutrition that most commonly found in vodka.

The Benefits and Nutrition Facts of vodka

Vodka, in fact, does not have much health nutrition, yet some of it can give certain advantages to our body as well. Calories become the richest thing when speaking about nutrition facts of vodka. For every one fl oz with no ice, it contains about 64 calories and 1 mg of potassium. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, vodka has the lowest level of alcohol. It makes vodka has low or even no carbohydrates. Though it is made of rich-carbohydrate ingredients such as potato, rye, corn, or wheat, the carbohydrates are eliminated through the fermentation and distillation.

Vodka only contains water and ethanol. It means there is no fiber, sugar, fat, vitamins, sodium, cholesterol, carbs, or minerals. The calories in vodka only arrive from the alcohol. So, if you are maintaining your weight, vodka can be the perfect alcoholic drink to choose. Although it includes as alcoholic beverages, vodka also has some benefits. Vodka can help you reducing stress and heart disease risk, relieving toothache, and preventing microbial infections. Also, it can be good to for your hair in treating dandruff.

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