Nutrition Facts in White Rice

White rice for many years has been served for the main dish in several countries, particularly in Asia. Many people in Asia country frequently eat white rice along with the side dish such as fried chicken, soup, and others. The Nutrition Facts in White Rice which has many calories, not surprisingly people often treat it as the primary food. Not only for lunch or dinner, but some people also serve this main food for breakfast sometimes. If you are one of who often make it as your main dish, here is the Nutrition Facts in White Rice that you need to know!

Nutrition Facts in White Rice and Its Advantages

People may be wonder what is Nutrition Facts in White Rice besides the calories and carbohydrate. Is there any other healthy nutrition? The answer is yes. Calories and carbohydrate may become the most nutrition in white rice, but it does not mean there is no other nutrition consisted of white rice. In each cup of cooked white rice, it offers about 165 calories. This is the high number if you plan on gaining weight. Besides calories, carbohydrate becomes the other nutrition contained in white rice which is about 44 grams. So, if you need a lot of energy in your daily activities, consuming rice regularly can truly help.

Not only calories and carbs, but white rice also contains a few amount of fiber about only 0.6 grams in each serving. Moreover, about 3 grams of protein is also found in white rice. Other things such as minerals and vitamins consisted of white rice as well. White rice also has vitamin such as vitamin B-6 which is good in increasing blood function, nerve system, and for skin health. Furthermore, several things like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium also exist in white rice. It indeed can help in maintaining your health.

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