Nutrition Facts For Shrimp and Figures

Sea is one of healthy foods that have been gift to human kind. It has fats, it has calories and it has energy that makes you feel strong and healthy. For shrimp lovers, the good thing is that it has equal amount of calories as a fish has. The only difference is that a shrimp is small. Nutrition facts for shrimp are numerous; they are different when it comes to a shrimp fried or a steamed shrimp. In both dishes, calories either are doubled or are the same like a raw shrimp. Nutrition facts for shrimp are measure on per 100 grams basis.

Different Size on Nutrition Facts For Shrimp

Nutrition facts for shrimp in raw piece are 71 grams as per 100 gram, in which further 13.61 is protein, .91 carbohydrates, and 1.01 fats. Shrimps are of different sizes, it is up-to the luck of shrimp catcher that what size he has got from sea. Shrimps are not expensive but if someone cannot afford having a big shrimp, buying a medium one can be a good option too. Nutrition facts for shrimp in a medium shrimp are base on just 4 calories, .82 proteins, and just .06 fats. A medium shrimp contains fewer calories than a big one but still it will provide excellent energy and strength.

There are different ways to make shrimp one of them is breaded and fried shrimp. If we go with nutrition facts for shrimp, calories in this category are double than a raw shrimp. The reason behind can be the spice or other products used to bread or fry the shrimp. Since calories in this shrimp are double so is the fat. According to some nutrition facts for shrimp, a breaded or fried shrimp has 12.28 grams of fats. These are the facts of a normal shrimp; in a medium shrimp, fats are higher than raw. A medium fried and breaded shrimp has .92 grams of fat.

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Myth on Nutrition Facts For Shrimp

Whether nutrition facts for shrimp are true or not, it is better to focus on eating a good food then measuring how many fats, calories or proteins you have consumed each day. If someone starts thinking like this he/she will either become a home for diseases or a source of income for doctors. Nutrition facts for shrimp, are true but too much calculation and excessive diet plan reduces strength and brings weakness in our body. In short, eat healthy, stay healthy and work for betterment of your society. This will not just make you fit; also, you will feel like teenager even in your old age.