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Nutrition facts apple give us the calculative information of all nutrients that are present in an apple. Apple is the pomaceous fruit.  On the basis of scientific classification, the kingdom of apple tree is plantae. Its family is Rosaceae.  Its genus is malus. Apple tree is a deciduous tree. The height of the apple tree is from 3- 9 meters. The twigs of the apple tree are so strong and populated from the leaves. The leaves of apple fruit are in oval shape and their sizes are 5-14 centimeter long and 3-5 centimeter broad. The fruit of apple tree becomes mature in autumn season. Apple fruit consists of five carpels which are existed in the center of the fruit.

These carpels are arranged in star form and each carpel contains one or more seeds of the fruit.  Apple is a very delicious food and necessary for the good health. It is full of all essential nutrients. It provides us the required calories. The outer skin of apple fruit has plenty of phyto-chemicals which act as antioxidant. Apples have not plenty of vitamins and minerals but apples provides sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. According to biological analysis of apples, apples are considered as good source of fibers. Pectin fibers those are necessary to decrease the level of cholesterol. Apples provide pectin fibers in great amount which help us to maintain the level of cholesterol in our body.

Principal Constituents Based Nutrition Facts Apple:


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Apple contains calories in very less amount. It has calories of 50 kcal and its RDA is 2.5%.


The nutrient value of carbohydrates present in the fresh apple is 13.18 grams. The RDA percentage of carbohydrates is 11%.


A fresh apple contains 0.27 grams of proteins and its RDA percentage is 0.5%

Total fat:

Apple contains a minute amount of saturated fats. Apple contains 0.17 grams of saturated fats and its RDA percentage is 0.5%.

Minerals based nutrition facts apple:

As we know about the importance of minerals. Minerals are very essentials for our body.  Calcium, magnesium, cooper, Iron, potassium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc are the basic minerals which are necessary to maintain the health. As earlier I have told you that apple does not provide minerals in large amount.


The nutrient value of calcium in a fresh apple is 6 milligrams and its RDA percentage is 0.6%.


5 milligrams of magnesium are present in a fresh apple and its recommended daily allowance percentage is 1%.


The RDA %age of iron in apple is 1%. An apple contains 0.12 milligrams of iron.


11 milligrams of phosphorus are present in a fresh apple.  The recommended daily allowance of phosphorus in apple is 2%.

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