Nutrition Facts Almonds

Who does not know about almond? It is one of the greatest and delicious nuts over the world. Almond is commonly used for cookies, bread, and cake cooking. However, some people make serve almonds as the snack due to its high nutrition. Some experts say that almond becomes one of the healthiest foods in the world. It contains excellent nutrition which is truly healthy for our body. Here are several nutrition facts almonds along with its advantages that you should know.

What Are The Benefits of Nutrition Facts Almonds?

Improve The Health of Your Heart

One of the nutrition facts almonds benefits is it can help you in reducing the risk of hearth disease levels. Almond is free cholesterol nut. By consuming almonds regularly, it can lower the bad cholesterol level which influences the heart disease risk.

Reducing Diabetes

Almond is low in carbohydrate and sugar, but it consists of great protein, healthy fat, and fiber. That is why almonds are safe and healthy food for people with diabetes. In each 28 grams of almond, it only has 6-gram carbohydrates along with 1.2 grams sugar. Furthermore, almonds have great source of fiber with 3.5 grams in every ounce (28 grams). The fiber here will help your body in controlling blood sugar. It will make the carbohydrate absorption becomes slower. Besides, almond also has loads of magnesium which gives a significant role in controlling blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

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Helping the Body Functions

Other nutrition facts almonds are it is great of protein and vitamins. Due to its high nutrition of protein, it is perfect for the growth and helps the function in our body. In every ounce of almonds, it provides about 6 grams of protein. Moreover, it also delivers the amino acid arginine that can help you in maintaining the healthy heart, treating wounds, and helping infections. Almond also becomes a good source of vitamins such as vitamin E, B2, Iron, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. Those are certainly good for our health.

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