The Nutrition Facts Almond Milk in Each Serving

Some of you might like milk. However, it is not recommended for you who on diet program. It is better to avoid dairy milk since it will not help you on diet program. To assist you in  consuming more milk even on diet program, you can take almond milk as a choice. The nutrition facts almond milk is good for your health but will not distract your diet program. So, is almond milk is a dairy milk? The answer is no. Almond milk was made from almonds and water which is blending and straining together.

The Almond Milk Nutrition Facts

Almond has high protein which is different from other nuts. It is also for the almond milk. There is so many nutrition contained in each serving of almond milk. There is no exact how much almond contains for each serving of almond milk. However, it can be counted as nutrition facts almond milk in each an ounce of serving which is around 23 grams of almond contains some nutrition. In 23 grams of almond, there are 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Also, there is also 6 percent of potassium, 8 percent of calcium, 20 percent of riboflavin, 35 percent of vitamin E, and also 20 percent of magnesium.

However, in some different brand of almond milk will have different nutrition facts almond milk. Sometimes there will be some additional ingredients in some different almond milk’s brand. There will be minerals, vitamins, and also thickening agents as other ingredients in some branded almond milk. For instance, there is an example of nutrition facts according to US Food and Drug Administration. First, in each serving of almond milk contains 2.5 gram of total fat. Second, there is 16 gram of total carbohydrate which is from 14 gram of sugars.

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