Nutella Nutrition Facts

Today everybody wants to be healthy but our routine tasks make us unhealthy. Today mostly 30% to 40% people are unhealthy because of unhealthy food. As far as research is concerned, today every family are taking junk and unhealthy food, which is affecting our health and our family health.

Breakfast is very important part of our healthy diet, so we should take care of breakfast and should take nutrition food in breakfast.

As per the advertisement Nutella is very good food for children and can be serve in breakfast. Nutella can be serve with grain bread because it is very rich in nutrition and very healthy for children. Most of the families are doing breakfast with nutella. Nutella is substitute for butter and it is commonly used on toast and sandwiches.

Nutella Nutrition Ingredients

Now we will discuss what are the ingredients of Nutella. The main ingredients of nutella are sugar, palm oil, hazelnut, cocoa solids and skimmed milk. We will see about the Nutella nutrition facts.

Nutella is high in calories because of its high fat content. Doctors do not recommend high intake of nutella because it contains sugar and saturated fat. Maintaining a low intake of saturated fat can protect your heart and maintain your body weight, which is important for health.

A Nutella nutrition fact is 2 tbsp. of nutella provide the recommended 4 percent of daily calcium. Calcium is very important and common mineral of our body and proper calcium is very important for optimal body function. Calcium is very important for our teeth and bones, so proper intake of calcium rich foods can promote both bones density and dental integrity. So everyday intake of 2 tbsp. Nutella will cover the deficiency of calcium in the body.

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Everyday intake of 2 tbsp. Nutella will provide 4 percent of daily-recommended intake of iron. Iron is very important component for our body because it delivers oxygen to all our body cells. This is one of the nutella nutrition facts.

One more nutella nutrition fact is daily intake of 2 tbsp. nutella will provide you 1 gram of fiber. Fiber is very important for lowering your cholesterol. Maintaining cholesterol is very important for proper functioning of heart. Proper intake of fiber will even prevent from heart attack. Women need fiber 4 percent of 25 grams every day and Men should get 3 percent of 38 grams of fiber every day.

Nutella Nutrition Daily Consumption

We can take nutella as a daily food but it should be in proper way. Consumption of nutella should not be more than recommended tbsp. because it will increase sugar and fat in our body, which is not good for our health. Nutella can be taken as a sweet dish because it contains sugar.

Proper intake of any food is good for health but we should take care of quantity of food. Nutella nutrition fact is if we take in proper quantity then it will good for our health. Children are getting vitamins and nutrition from nutella but quantity should be of 2 tbsp. every day.

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