No Corn Diet – A healthy option or not?

Are you thinking to go on a no corn diet or trying to eliminate corn from your daily food intake? Then, this article is especially meant for you. One of the main reasons to exclude corn from your diet is to get rid of the corn allergy or other associated problems. If you think that it is an easy task to completely eliminate corn nutrition facts from your diet, then think again. The reason is that almost every food either organic or processed contains no corn diet or its derivatives. So it becomes really difficult to completely snub it.

Symptoms of corn allergy

  • Excessive and cold sweating
  • Obesity
  • Puffy eyes along with the dark circles
  • Flautulance
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath
  • Depression

Is a No Corn Diet Good or Bad For You?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward or simple one. If you are allergic to corn and its derivatives, then no corn diet is very good and essential for you. Corn syrup that is rich in fructose content can be harmful for patients suffering from diabetes type 2. Another most common disease known as obesity is also caused by corn based products. In fact, it is pretty healthy and OK to consume plain old popcorn or other popcorn based plain products in moderation. This healthy eating may turn into a nightmare if you include plenty of iodized salt and butter into simple popcorn nutrition facts. This way corn or maize consumption becomes unhealthy.

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Checklist for a no corn diet

Due to huge subsidy on the cultivation of corn and its cheap rates, it is widely grown in different parts of the world as a staple food. If you are willing to go on the no corn diet, then try to exclude these items from your daily diet.

Get rid of baking powder immediately. Avoid using caramel for your puddings. Stop consuming corn syrup as well. Exclude golden syrup from your diet. Also avoid malt based products.

Advantages of a no corn diet

No corn diet helps you improve your immune system. If you are allergic to corn, then this diet will certainly benefit you in a very good and healthy manner. By curbing the corn intake you suppress or inhibit the harmful substance known as allergan. With no corn diet you can eliminate or minimize chances of different diseases like vomiting, obesity, anxiety, depression, indigestion, dryness of mouth, swollen mouth and lips, runny nose, inability to breathe properly, skin allergies, etc. You can also minimize the blood sugar levels by not consuming this no corn diet.

Disadvantages of a no corn diet

Excluding no corn diet from your diet can cause various types of deficiencies or diseases in your body. You can easily deprive off your body from a very cheap and good source of calories. No corn diet also increases the chances of colorectal cancer. Corn free diet can also cause the deficiency of vital vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, Thiamin, etc. Diet that contains no corn can cause the formation of dangerous free redicals inside your body.  These free redicals may cause various types of cancers.

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In conclusion, we can say that no corn diet offers both advantages and disadvantages as well. It is good to consume corn only in natural form and in moderation.