Natural Ways to Prevent Cough and Colds with Pineapple Fruit

Suffering from cough and colds are very disturbing. The disease is often difficult to treat even with potent drugs though. Although it is cured, the disease may be whack you back in the near future.

Natural Cough and Cold Medicines

For those of you who want to treat the disease coughs and colds naturally, should you eat more pineapple. Pineapple has many benefits, one of which is to treat coughs and colds. In addition, pineapple prevents coughs and colds as well. This is because pineapple contains many substances that are good for health.

How does working pineapple cure coughs and colds

Pineapple contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. One is vitamin C. This vitamin is good for our bodies. Vitamin C is beneficial to fight the virus that is in our bodies, one of which is viral coughs and colds. It also contains the enzyme bromelain. This enzyme serves to suppress cough. In addition, this enzyme also serves to help thin phlegm. In addition, this enzyme can also reduce inflammation or swelling of the nasal and respiratory areas. So, you will avoid complaints of nasal congestion when the flu. If you want to heal faster, it helps you eat pineapple after you take flu medicine. This is because the pineapple can help speed up the absorption of the drug into the body.

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