Naked Chicken Chalupa Nutrition Facts

Naked chicken chalupa is just a piece of fried chicken fried meat that is folded with salad in it. This food was introduced by Taco Bell. Then how about bare chicken chalupa nutrition facts? In this article will discuss some of the nutrient content found in naked chicken chalupa.

Naked Chicken Chalupa Nutrition Facts


In one serving of naked chicken chalupa, there are 440 calories. In the large calorie level, it consists of the fat that dominates about 62%. This percentage is very high considering chicken meat is a type of meat that does have enough fat content to make you fat if consumed in excess. Although fat is useful for your body in producing energy, if you regularly and often consume foods with the number of calories, it is very dangerous for your health.


Carbohydrate that contained in naked chicken chalupa is about 20%. The function of carbohydrates for the human body is very necessary for the support of daily activities. Carbohydrates are a source of strength for the body because carbohydrates are substances that can increase or energize the body other than fat and protein. In every 1 gram of carbs will produce four calories that will be a positive energy in our body.


The third substance in naked chicken chalupa nutrition facts is protein. Protein is a paramount substance needed by humans because protein is not just a structural material, such as fat and carbohydrates. It is an amino acid compound that serves as a builder and booster of metabolism in the body. Functioning proteins maintain a balance between acid-base and fluid balance in the body. Proteins play a major role in maintaining the pH stability of body fluids. Although this substance is present in naked chicken chalupa, the percentage is minuscule at about 18%.

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